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Anchor, rituals to create a pleasant day!

Our live are busy and it seems from the moment we wake up, we’re behind schedule. This gives us the feeling that we need to hurry up, by the time our heads finally hits the pillow we are still busy with our to do list. To make sure that tomorrow we will be starting at the right time. What ever that exactly means. What is up with us?

32940270debd4164283638a3dacee630To have our heartbeat up constantly and to have the feeling that we’re not done is not healthy. It keeps us uptight in a way we feel that something bad will happen. Fear gets a hold of us and somehow we need to find a way to calm ourselves down. To understand that it is not the schedule that is keeping us from doing things we love, things that makes us happy. It is our mind, that keeps adding one more thing to the list.

This I would like to ponder on this week. When we are in the mits of these moments of hurry up and lets do one more thing on my to do list. Lets ponder on RITUALS! To create moments in the day that will return every day. Do you remember those rituals when you were growing up. Activities that always took place at the same place. Every Sunday you would go for a walk to end up having a hot chocolate with you family. Didn’t matter rain or shine. Or every friday evening every one would be home and you would enjoy a game and have fun knowing that the next day the weekend started.

These kind of rituals I am talking about, what ever happens today. This evening I will light up some beautiful candles, fill up a bath and have 20 minutes of doing absolutely nothing or you’ll prepare yourself a beautiful dinner, sit at the table and enjoy the flavours of this meal. Having these kind of rituals will help you during the day as well, because you know this relaxing moment will come. Thinking of these kind of rituals alone will calm you down, relax you muscles. It will help you to keep focussed and find a way to enjoy what you are doing in that moment. Because you know rain or shine there is something coming that will make you happy and completely relaxed.

Give yourself this anchor, these kind of rituals and give something back to you one step at the time.



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  • Sangita

    Very Beautiful Renee. The little things in life which are really the big
    things and keep us anchored and happy. So today I will take your advice and
    have a relaxed day without worrying about my to do list. :))

    Please keep writing :))

    Lots of love

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