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Attraction and Choice by Melissa Rae

We live in a physical world, and so energy is guided by physical rules.  There are two kinds of electrical charges, positive and negative.  Two positive charges repel each other. Two negative charges, repels each other.  Positive and negative charges attract each other.  Consider this, and apply it to what attracts into our lives.  We attract that which helps us grow.  If we only attracted energies that were harmonious, there would be no discomfort.  Comfort keeps us standing in the same place. Standing in the same place, is frustrating.  Frustration causes us to invite change into our lives.  Even in relationships, we want some level of disharmony. If a teacher, friend, or partner saw things exactly the way we see it, we would feel validated, but bored.

There are 7 colors in the rainbow and 7 main chakras. Not 1.  7 is the number of our heart’s desire, security, and rest.  1 is one flavor of ice cream, every day, forever.  No variation is a subtle sort of disharmony.  1 of anything is so perfect, if feels oppressive and undesirable.  So in relationships, we want some degree of positive and negative charge. This is the attraction.  We will either really enjoy or  truly dislike each other’s company. That electric charge is the spice of life. It causes interest, excitement, intrigue, and a desire to think about ourselves, our ideas, and the space we occupy in the world.

What we attract into our lives is similar.  We attract energies that match what we are wanting, needing, or signaling to the universe.  Our intentions are energy.  A match may not be exactly what we think we are sending out, however it is the energy that attracts to us.  Because most of us are not 100% actualized and enlightened, there are still aspects of ourselves that are not authentic.  This in-authenticity makes it impossible to detail exactly what we want.  In fact, there are other voices speaking from our subconscious, that are usually sending conflicting signals.  This limits what is attracted to us.

When we make the choice to become more authentic, and shed layers of self for our highest good, we open ourselves up to a broader range of attracting energies.  Growth is change.  Change is the path to finding our enlightened selves. When we refuse to change our vibration and energy, we then become an obstacle to our growth.

Melissa, an intuitive, channeler and energy worker,  has an Associates degree in Massage Therapy, a BA degree in Psychology, with emphasis on Experimental, and an MS degree in Counseling, Psychology. She is an artist that blends intuitive guidance and energy healing, creating Intuitive Illustrations and Channeled Reports for receivers.  With her husband Lloyd, she organizes and facilitates a facebook page FoxandOwl https://www.facebook.com/FoxandOwl and website  Fox.and.Owl [Metaphysical Manifestations] http://foxandowl.net/index.htm.  Also she works at the Oklahoma Psychic Educational Research Association,OPERA fair, giving intuitive readings.  She frequently lectures, publicly gives intuitive readings, writes articles on spirituality, and offers spiritual/intuitive guidance in Oklahoma, and throughout the international spiritual community via social media.   Aside from this, she is the mother of 9 year old triplets and a 2 year old

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