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Keeping your balance
Keep your balance, an art form or just luck?

Keeping your balance. It is almost a buzz word these days. It doesn’t matter where, at work or at home, it seems to be, we are all looking for balance. Even with all these events in the world, we wonder if the earth is out of balance. But what does being in balance mean? Does it mean your happy or that you are able to do many things at the same time? It probably means something different to all of us. I just wonder is it something you can learn?

The meaning of keeping every thing in balance for me is that we are all happy. We all are able to be who we are and do the things we like and need to do. Keeping the balance at home is a challenge at the moment. The kids are off for about 11 weeks, and living in Africa at the moment, is not the place to stay home. After a day or 2 the compounds are almost kids free. Every one has spread out over the world.

So we’re off to adventure the rest of this beautiful world. Of course first home (where the grandparents live), to meet up with family and friends. Wonderful of course, but it is still living out of a suitcase. Which is okay for a while, but then you need a little bit more of a balance. In which case I mean some space to call home for a little while. Because the kids want their mum to themselves. Dad is still at work, sadly 11 weeks of holiday is not in the cards for him. But mum works too……….right? So time to find our way too our holiday home. This can be found in all kinds of difference forms these day. It goes with your own needs or definition of a home. I have notice with the kids growing up this concept changes every year. But we do learn from previous events……..:).

So back to “being in balance” is this a different way off being in control or should we just let is go and go with the flow of the day. That means that there are day’s that we can’t do anything. Is that okay,………….? How do we value our own time and space. How do we keep them in the right balance. So that we are all able to be and do what we like and need to do. And of course be Happy. This is something you learn along the way and just keep asking yourself what is it I need today? What can I offer to the kids so that they are happy and sometimes just breath.

The other day, we were all set to go out to a beautiful lake for the day. Towels,……check, swimsuit………check, nice lunch……..check, car key’s and house key’s,…….check. So my son closes the door. Although I do tell him not too. Because another set of keys is still on the other side of the door……………To late……Door is closed and no way that we were getting in. So breathing and lots of it. I did lose it for a little bit, sorry to say. This could have happen to me to, but the listening bit is not always working. So we were completely out of balance. My son, trying to help me, said; “so we have to call for help”. Asking for help. No way, ……I felt so stupid that this happened. But he was right, for us to get back into our balance we needed help. Some one to come and open the door. It sounds very practical and that is what is so very necessary at certain times. This way we could go on our beautiful swim trip. I took a deep breath, what do I need right now? Help! SO made the phone call and help was on its way. We were even able to go and they would fixed it for us. It took a little while to find that happy feeling again, but we all did. Balance is a funny thing.

So maybe it is something you can learn. It is definably something to give a go. We had a fantastic break and even the day’s that the balance wasn’t perfect. We worked on it.

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