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Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.  ~Judy Garland

Walking into a roomful of people and introducing myself is an interesting thing. My intention is to make that first good impression, and not present something that is not there. I start to wonder, how may I fit in this new place, with these new people. Do I want to reinvent myself, right here and at this precise moment? There go all my intentions to be me. Immediately I begin imagining all the best descriptions of me to enable me to fit in with this new group.

Although while writing this down, I think of this beautiful movie, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader’. (I love these stories.) The youngest sister Lucy wants to be like her oldest sister. She gets a chance when she finds a magic spell, which can change her in her sister. Although, before doing so, she has a vivid dream where she does turn into her sister. She is very excited that she now has the beautiful looks of her older sister, and then, she meets up with her brothers. Happy to see her, they insist on taking a family picture. Right at that moment, she notices that she is not in the picture and that she has wished herself away. She has disappeared with all her uniqueness and her beauty.


Is this not what we do, while trying to please family, friends, and even people we have never met before? We are trying to read other peoples’ mind and then fill in the requirements we think they might ask for, in ourselves. In the process, completely forgetting our beauty and uniqueness. The thing is, we are all different, and we all look at events differently. It gives us the opportunity to share our beauty and uniqueness. We are, who we are. It is our uniqueness that brings the spark to the relationships we have. It makes life fun and exciting, it also the incentive to go out and get into a better shape. This is one way we can get ourselves in top form. The way we are is not something to put in a box since our personality is fluid. We all have different interests and moods. There are days when we have a lot of energy, and we look for action, and then days the energy is not as high, and we like to slow down.

Most of us women have many different friends. All of these friends support us in our quest to be our best. Friends we go and be active with, perhaps go for that run or a bike tour. We have friends we go shopping with because we might have fun or this friend knows how to find a bargain. Because of this network we have around us, we grow and learn. There are good days and bad days in all this as well. Being the best version of me is fun and will bring new adventures in my life.

This is all a part of being human because you are still you.

Copyright Renee Vos de Wael


  • Udo Stadtsbuchler

    ‘We are tying to read other peoples’ mind’ hardly ever works in our favor. Mind reading is partly guess work and partly what we want to read into people’s mind. Another problem is that when talking to an audience of more than one person, this audience has to have one collective mind, which is impossible.

    Yes, we all are different and we react to events and experiences differently. To be different means to be unique, and we not only have to accept our uniqueness, but to cherish it and be proud of it. It makes it possible for us to no longer be a sheep following other sheep, but to further develop our individuality and to follow a path that leads us to where we want to be. This is impossible for people who have very low self-confidence and equally low self-esteem.

    Is everything lost for all those unfortunate individuals? No, of course not. We all know that self-confidence and self-esteem can be learned. Once they have increased their self-confidence to a very high level, they can face any audience without having the need to guess the audience’s state of mind. They know that they can present themselves in exactly the way they are, and they know that they will have their audience in the palm of their hands.

    This not only applies to large audiences, but also when communicating with the people around you in your day to day activities. Be yourself at all times, be proud of who you are.

    Copyright 2011 Udo Stadtsbuchler

  • Janne Henn

    Love this. Should be required reading for all teenagers. We humans tend to be chameleons and to adopt the camouflage of our peers so as not to stand out from the crowd. We become so concerned about “fitting in” that we refuse to let our own light shine through. As Renee says, it is our individual beauty and uniqueness that makes life interesting. Let us not rob ourselves and others of that something special that only we have to share.

  • Matthew (@mcjpalmer)

    I feel this for sure this explains the better part of my life until the last few years, I noticed myself changing completely in the face of each person I knew almost so much so that if they were all gathered in one room I may as well have been invisible. Because there was no me, those friends few have stayed in contact with me, few I have stayed in contact with because I was truly myself with these people and the people I meet now I have much stronger relationships with even tho I see them less than anyone in my past. Thank you for this it gave me some great insight for the day 🙂

  • Simon Marsden

    Thank you for sharing Renee 🙂 I spent years being all others wanted in me, now I simply be. I serve but I kneel to none. Always be yourself for you and no other. Peace, Love and Light.

  • Irena Vagner

    Yes, it’s true that self-confidence, s-esteem can be learned, but not just passively from books, but rather from applied s-knowledge, from experiences, and from not being afraid being oneself while enjoying it… Then the inner light just shines ever brighter. Like stars in the sky they all shine their own light…

  • Rosemarie Ray

    Be true to yourself and trust your instincts……no one else can do this for you. Respect and honour your divinity.


    Rosemarie Ray

  • spiritualhealersassociation

    Yes this is a great posting. It’s important to first love everything about yourself because love comes from within and goes out. We are all different so it;s important to see your own strengths and admire yourself for who you are. If you practice loving yourself then you will always be guided to others who love and respect you too.Never try and be like someone else or wish you looked like or was like someone else as it takes away your energy as a woman and a person. It’s not about fitting in, it’s about self respect and knowing that if someone doesn’t like you it’s okay because there is nothing wrong with you…If you practice self love and self respect and listen to your own guidance than everything works out wonderful.

  • lauren

    Love this! I feel the exact same way when i meet new people, i have no idea how to act or just to be myself. You think if you be yourself they might not like it and you feel the need to just be someone else. I definitely wish i could look or be like someone else. reading this was just beautiful.

  • Grant A. Watson

    Nicely said my friend and so true…for many that still have that lump deep in their stumock when they enter a crowded room, the world must be exhyou must be amazingausting. It is when one realises, that if a bird can be beautiful and a flower can be stunning then you are amazing, can the world become a place of ease and grace, as I imagine it is for the Bird and the Flower. So glad you feel you and then offer that to us here…Blessings

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