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Being on top of the mountain

The best way to get something done is to begin.  Unknown


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So you’re sitting on top of a mountain and all the brilliant ideas are just flowing into you.  Things your like to do, they best way to organize it.  These are the moment that you are just really connected with what it is you like to go do.  This can be job wise, but also how you like to run your family schedule, get the holiday sorted out, there are a so many subject we like to sort out in our head.  BUT then we come down from that mountain and somehow it seems like we have forgotten our brilliant idea’s. The way it all fitted so nicely and how it was not problem to have the job and get the kids organized during the summer.  Or to have your dream home and start your own business at the same time.  What happens from the moment you have created the idea in you mind and you land with your feet into the world where it all has to happen for real?

Nothing has happen, but on top of the mountain there are no tree’s blocking your view.  When you come down on the foot of the mountain there are more people there and circumstances that have their own direction and idea’s of where they like to go.  All this gets mixed up and tangled up with you our plans and idea’s.  That doesn’t mean that your own plan and idea’s will not work, it means that you have to stick to what it is you set out and work with the environment your in.  So start with connecting with yourself again.  Breath and make sure there is space for you.  This way you can take yourself back to your plan, it needs oxygen to grow and stay alive.  Breath deeply into your belly and make sure that you are feeling what is yours and not what others are projecting at you. How were you feeling when you were sitting on top of the mountain?  This made you happy and gave you a feeling of success.  It is your plan, your direction and that is what it needs. Your plan needs you!  This is where it grows and becomes stronger and livelier.  It is import to get your uniqueness into this plan, your goal.  Make it your own and keep checking in how it makes you feel.

When you start to get connected to your own goals, your can focus on where you like to go.  This is when you start to feel it is in your hands and that you know in your heart that it is possible.  It is making you happy and that will make every one around you happy.  It will help you make them come true.  This way your dreams don’t stay on top of a mountain, but you can take them with you and create them in any shape and color you like.

What does your dream look like?


Namaste Renée


Namaste Renée
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