Breathe in and let go

Energy is something we create as an individual and of course as a collective as well. When you are dealing with heavy energy it is easily created in big amounts. Grieve is experienced in so many different ways it is difficult to stay close to yourself and your emotions as you enter a room where loads of people are. During our grieving time we gather of course as we find comfort together. We share stories, emotions in different ways. It is so important to clean the room, so that the heaviness doesn’t accumulate. It is also important to clear the energy, so more light can enter in. Using a spray is none invasive and it helps everyone on a different level. As working with essential oil, it will give what is needed.

Spray for in the room:

To lightly coat your whole body or quickly and simply infuse a space with your desired energy, you can look to a basic spray. You can use distilled water, rain water, or hydrosols as your carrier and just a few drops of essential oil—5-6 drops total per ounce of carrier—to create your blend. Simply combine your desired oils and add them to your carrier in an appropriate spray bottle.

Cedarwood and Vetiver in purified rainwater
Lemon and Cedarwood in purified rainwater

add 2 drops in your diffuser of:

Roman Chamomile

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