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Burn a fire at home.

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.


Getting fired up ………., make your home your own, where your heart is…………………, home sweet home.  These are all these sentences that make you wonder.  You can almost compare it with Christmas. It has to be wonderful and loving.  What if your life is different? What if your priorities are different?  It is very clear to me that most of us don’t really fit into the box the marketing boy’s and girl’s would like us to fit in.  The question that is traveling around in my head is, who does fit into the box. So what makes a home?

We’re suppose to have a home and preferably a happy home.  The fact that home is for most of us something completely different makes it difficult to define.  Even more difficult to put together and compare notes.  It makes it strange to talk with family and friends about our home and what it means to us.  What make us happy and what it is we need to build our home.  Let’s all get  along and make a cozy fire in our home where all family member can sit around and warm themselves. We all seek something personal and there is not a right nor a wrong way in filling in the gaps.  But if we think about it, we are expected to follow a certain path and create a home that others do understand.  This way we’re no different that others, we fit in nicely.  The traditional home’s are already fading back into history.  With the help of the ever changing world, so have our homes.

Many of you know, we have moved around many times.  Places that we really fell in love with, okay places and places that are hard to handle.  It was always clear to me that we had to build our new home, but never from scratch.  It is always wonderful when our own things came out of the container and are set around us, but that was never the moment we notice that it was our new home.  It was when we would leave and come back to our new destination.  The moment that our heart is missing our home. This moment that we felt in our heart that our fire was burning at our new address. This moment is never defined in time, but the feeling will alway’s just occur.  The feeling that we wanted to go home.  It is more a feeling, than anything that you can put in words. The feeling of being at home has nothing to do with our passports or country we’re in.  It is that sense that that all works and it just flows, no hard work required.  The day’s just happens and everyone and thing that is important to you fits into that flow.

That is why it is important to burn that fire in your heart.  This is a part of you that is always at the core of everything you do and you will ever under take.  It shows who you truly are and that it is safe to be with you.  This is why people connect with one another and stay connected. Even when the fire is not as warm as should be, because they know that is will fire up when you have found your way back to it. So that you are ready to fire it up and be at home.

What is it you need to create a beautiful fire within your home?


Namaste Renée
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