Communication with hope

Hope is a word we hear al lot these days. It means in the literary sense “To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment”. For a lot of people it feel like their hope is lost. Sometimes it feels like you have no control over the situation your in. It gives the impression that you as a individual have to wait for the next step. I always wonder if that is the case. How much choice is there in the simple fact that you can choose that there is hope for every one and everything. Does looking for hope also mean you can take steps to create opportunity’s. These opportunities may give you new choices that even a bad situation can look hopeful. All of a sudden there are solutions or others are willing to help you in a difficult situation. This doesn’t change the situation you’re in, but it will give you a different outlook on the situation your in and it even might give you a break. It can give you support and a new source of energy. When I look at all these brave people in Japan and the way they take hope into their own hands. I feel so much love coming up for these people and people in similar situations. They are so brave and teaches us a important lesson. That it is up to us to keep hope alive.

They choose to make their situation better. They help each other without asking anything back for it. They are still grateful for the people they have around and survived with them. In shops they behave with curtsy and only buy the necessity’s. It is so amazing to see how there is no blaming some one else. These people believe in the hope. The hope to clean up, the hope to make it better again, the hope to share what is there. The hope in a brighter and better future.This gives us all the feeling and proof that there is enough to go around. It is so great to see that there are many different ways of help already there or on its way to rebuild what is lost. But the most import thing of all, there is still hope. The hope to move forward in a a positive way with support of love and friendship. What a beautiful lesson to learn from.

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