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Connection with your intuition tele-class



Join me for the “Connection with your intuition tele-class”


Intuition is a skill.

We all have it.  It’s not what happens to us that defines us but the way  we deal with the what happens to us. Learn to move beyond any circumstance, take an adventure, remove the toxicity from your life, change your mind-set and identify your dreams.  You can build your intuitive skills while you solve problems, and alert yourself to potential pitfalls and this way create wonderful opportunities.  You can use your intuition within any part of your life.  Intuition eliminates fear and chaos from your life.  When you listen to your intuition and act on your inner knowing you will find peace of mind, direction where there was none before and a greater understanding of why you do the things you do.

Often our intuition comes to us as fleeting feelings,sensations, or  thoughts that we barely notice until later, when we look back and think, “Yes, I had a feeling to do this, or not to do that.” You can make these intuitive feelings more visible, so that you notice them and can act upon them next time they come around. You can learn to distinguish between your quiet voice of your intuition that is showing you a good choice of direction, versus the often-louder voice of your fears and doubts that want to stop you from doing new things and taking risks.

Intuition is every one’s instinctive ability, although it is usually blocked or untapped. So let’s can tap your inner wisdom, the doorway to creativity.

You can join us right now for the connecting with your intuition tele class. This tuition for this class is at a “love offer” basis, this way we all stay in balance.

In this tele class you learn practical tools to:

On Tuesday 11 September at 8pm CEST (Central European Summer time)

Let’s introduce yourself from now on.

  • Many of us have been wounded by damaging relationships that affected our perception of who we are.  We just want  to be accepted, you become what you think others want you to be, and your identity becomes shattered and hides behind roles you feel to play within different personality.  This class will help you identify the hindrances that keep you repeating cycles and move forward into your destiny with confidence.

On Tuesday 18 September at 8pm CEST (Central European Summer time)

Enjoy your relationships.

  • We will discover the place inside of you where all your decisions are coming from. This will help  you to avoid making the same unhappy life choices over and over again.  We will talk about how to reduce stress by accessing your inner wisdom and discovering how to make positive, powerful decisions on your own. You will start to see that when you can enjoy your own company it is even better to enjoy relationships with others.

On Tuesday 25 September at 8pm CEST (Central European Summer time)

Focus and experience calm.

  •  Understanding negative emotions. What they are, how they affect us in life and how to release them without working through them, talking about them or ‘Living’ with them. To focus on what is happening right now and how this will create a different future. It takes a lot of pressure away from our day to day life and will shift our focus to calmness.

On Tuesday 2October at 8pm CEST (Central European Summer time)

Create what you want.

  • Being creative is not just for artists. Learn to apply your intuitive creativity and live your own dream life!

On Tuesday 9 October at 8pm CEST (Central European Summer time)

Make decisions with ease.

  • The value that your presence brings to any community or activity and how easily you can begin to create your own joy and abundance. This of course for yourself and for others.


On Tuesday 16 October at 8pm CEST (Central European Summer time)

Be in flow with life. Have fun!      

  • No more excuses, you know how to stay in the flow of your own decisions. It is always your choice and this you know. Do like where you are at this moment? Lets connect with the full of energy and fun kind of day.  

Please join me for the connecting with your intuition tele class     

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