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Cypress essential oil. True benefits

The actual benefits of Cypressus sempervirens for horses are a great help working on your horse’s health. Cypress comes from a Greek word “sempervivens” meaning “live forever.”

Cypress essential oil eases muscular cramps and rheumatism in older horses. Its styptic action can contribute to arrest bleeding when placed on a dressing and used with a pressure bandage and make it useful in treating weeping wounds in a compress. The reputation of this oil is to have a diuretic action on your horse’s kidneys and will help if your horse is slow to urinate after aCypress competition or ride. If there are any signs of puffiness in this zone, massage the lower back region with cypress in a base carrier oil.

CypressThe effect this essential oil has on the hypothalamus gland may also help t restore regular ovarian function in mare having difficulty in conceiving.

Do not apply exception cypress oil undiluted as its current drying action may remove moisture too quickly.

Many horses take on the negative emotions or mental state of people around them. Cypress will cleanse away this psychic debris. It can be useful on a recently purchased horse whose erratic behaviour may be due t the imbalance of the previous owner.

What Chakra is Affected?
The throat chakra (connected to the colour blue) you can find in the upper throat area (just behind ears and jawline of your horse). The throat chakra is aligned with expression and communication. You can also translate this to physically into the health of the front feet and forelegs, respiratory system and throat area.

The second chakra; the Sacral (Orange) Location: at the hip go up to the spine, and you will feel two bony protrusions on either side of the spine. It is responsible for grounding, stability, self-acceptance, sexuality. The lymphatic system, kidneys, adrenalin glands, and reproductive organs are all present in this area of the horse.

What is the Corresponding Chakra Color?
Orange links with the sacral chakra, the centre for bliss, sexuality, intuition and creativity. It can ground the emotions, bringing forgotten or avoided emotions back into the consciousness to be faced and healed.

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