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Deepening Your Intuition by Kasia Gendis

What is intuition?

Dictionaries define intuition as a direct perception of truth, fact, etc independent of any reasoning process, immediate apprehension or pure, untaught noninferential knowledge.  We are usually so busy with our everyday routines, worries, concerns etc that very often we ignore our inner voice of our intuition.  But for all of us it is always there.  We just need to quiet down and listen

My personal understanding or experience of intuition is that it is an element or a point that connects us to the other side of our existence, the spiritual side.  It is our connection to the Universe and all its laws and energies.  Once we learn to attune with it, listen to it and trust it our intuition deepens, broadens, opens up and everything else in life just follows smoothly.  For those of us who believe in angels protecting and guiding us we know that they use our intuition to send us messages and lead us on a path that is perfect for us.   It happens in the smallest little things in our everyday life and acts exactly the same in the biggest issues we are to face.  That inner voice can never be wrong.  If we just learn to trust it completely, it will never let us down.  The problem is how to start hearing it and then listening to it and then trust it??


There are many different practices that can help with that.  We all have heard or come across healing practices that are based on intuition that connects the healer to the spiritual world.  The one I am familiar with is Theta Healing. It enables us to travel within and then out into the Universe to connect with the Highest Energy of all that is the unconditional love!  A wonderful way to reconnect with intuition is of course yoga practice.  On the energy level our body is covered with energy channels called the nadis and wherever those channels cross that is where the energy centers are formed. One of them is located in the middle of our forhead just between our eyebrows – Ajna Chakra.  It said that this chakra guides our intuition and mental insight.  By stimulating this energy center we are able to sink deeper and to use our intuition more efficiently.

My biggest and most evident experience with my own intuition happens during the yoga classes I teach.  I remember quite vividly, even though it was quite a few years ago, when I was just about to start teaching and I had a conversation with my guru Manoj Kaimal.  I shared with the guru my fears concerning teaching.  I was worried I might not know the answers my students would need from me or I would not be able to help them with their physical or mental concerns.  Then my guru said to me one sentence: „ Don’t worry, the Universe will give you the answers“.  I was a bit puzzled.  As at first I did not understand how it would happen.  But I trusted and started teaching……only then after experiencing the connection to the energy during the class and that inner voice telling me things my brain could not possibly know I deeply appreciated the words of guru Manoj.  Ever since that realisation I do follow my intuition and not only during yoga classes or my own yoga practice but also in my everyday life.



  • Kasia is a yoga teacher tulko has been practicing with Manasa Yoga School since 2001 and has been teaching since 2003 in Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya and now Nigeria.  Kasia is also trained in Theta healing.



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