Feeling Annoyed

The meaning of the word Annoyed in a dictionary is “To cause slight irritation to (another) by troublesome, often repeated acts.”

It is short and simple, but the influence on you as a person can be enormous. It can take you away from a conversation or good feeling you were having. It can change the whole day just in a minute. Sometimes it builds up slowly and all of a sudden it is there.  It can be a situation or a person, it can even be a thing.
That mug that never gets put into the dishwasher. Is there something wrong with the arm of the person not putting the mug into the dishwasher? Is it a big thing, no, but it is annoying and in time it becomes a big thing. It could be a person that you meet at school and is just alway complaining about something and if there is nothing personal to complain about, there is always someone else and  their problems. It slowly becomes annoying. In time is goes way beyond annoying and you start wondering how you can go into school so as to avoid this irritating person. Then there is the constant traffic everywhere. Is everyone leaving the house at the same time, why does it need to be so busy? Did they sent out a memo to annoy me?
What can you do to let these feelings go, even better not even get in to this feeling at all. Of course there is the option to just avoid all the annoying situations. I did think about that, but to be totally honest, have never found a way to accomplish it. Most of the solutions bring on another feeling of being annoyed. Not at first, but slowly it would creep back into me again.
So lately I have been trying to get into the habit to asking myself: okay what is it that is annoying me? The cup or me always cleaning up? Okay, what can I do about it? Of course I have tried telling the persons involved to put there cup into the dishwasher. I have tried putting  all the cups on there desks. I have tried leaving the cups. But all of this just led me to get even beyond annoyed. And really is it worth it having a big argument about a cup……..? With the person talking constantly negatively, I have tried to avoid her. But then she asks me what is wrong? That wasn’t the conversation to go into in the schoolyard. And the traffic, Oh well……….never mind, that is a global issue and by getting annoyed about it is not helping at all. That meant I had to  go beyond my normal strategies of dealing with these situations.
Of course I shouldn’t take it so personally, but the feelings I feel come from deep within me. Others may not understand what I’m talking about. So I just breath, it is the most important thing to do during the day, so why not concentrate on it. Then there is no time to even think about what is annoying me. It calms my heart rate and it clears my head. To be honest not at first, but with practice it has. If this is not working, I try to see the fun of it all or just get out of the whole scenario. I’m the boss of my thoughts, so lets go and have a walk along the beach or in a beautiful forrest. Back to breathing and the last step is back to the now. Is the annoying thing really important. No, So just let it go.


  • marie brice


    So true – so honest and so personal. And so real! Someone told me once that what irritates us in others is in some way a mirror for us to see ourselves. I do love your breathing and letting go advice.
    Keep up this writing – and the artwork is really touching.

    Thanks for sharing!

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