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Finding calm within the Chaos

Holiday season is knocking on our door. Dawali, Thanksgiving Sinterklaas, Christmas, it is here in about now and the next 6 weeks. We will be busy with being good and nice, checking lists. Thinking who is visiting whom at which time, what presents to buy, what kind of food to prepare.  These are all practical things, they seem to be taking over all the true reasons why we are together.  This time of the year should be time to go within, to get together with loved ones and look at what has been happening in the past year?  You might get the fireplace going, create beautiful tables to sit at and listen to stories old and new.  Being thankful for the time we’ve had together in 2012 and all the wonderful new memories we have built. But for some reason the to-do-list and getting it all organized is taking over from enjoying of the preparations.

This is the right time to take time out of all these things we have to do and schedule time for reconnecting with ourselves. What is it we are celebrating? These coming weeks are all about looking back on what has been. The events we have enjoyed and are grateful for in 2012 to have come onto our path. The best way to prepare for this is of course by reconnecting with oneself.

What is it we are celebrating? Celebrating the light, end of the year, and birth of a baby, celebrating the light in the world. It is wintertime in some part of the world, which is all about taking it slow and preparing for spring to come. In the other part of the world it is summer and time to harvest what has been set out. This are 2 moments in the season that we can have a look at what it is we have put out in the world. How has it turned out, was this what we were looking for?

Take yourself back to the time when you were a young child not in charge of any of the organizing for the festivities that were going on in your home. What was it you truly enjoyed? Maybe it was a smell that would always wake you up at Christmas morning. Or feeling safe inside your home all day and looking outside while the snow would come down. If you’re there where summer is in full swing, you probably spend time at the beach or being lazy in a hammock.  Most of our memories have nothing to do with a perfectly organized day. Trust me, the person in charge (just like us) probably had it all organized and then had to see the day go totally different. Traditions start with the dynamics of our family, it fits. This is what you and your loved one enjoy doing. Other may find this silly, but that is just fine. Everyone is in their own comfort zone. By starting to enjoy the preparations until you’re sitting at the table with your loved ones. See what happens, magic is in the air!


Namaste Renée


  • Janice

    I must try to remember this as having to organise a big do every year for numerous birthdays in my household has put me off them completely. Whereas i’d rather have a simple well cooked dinner or movie/concert, Frnknstn insists on the works!

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      When you stay close to your own heart, it will always work out fine. If loved one have different idea’s there very welcome to join in to the organization! 🙂

  • Jennifer Currie

    Hi Renee,
    This is lovely! I particularly like the way you bring up our memories of childhood and how everything seemed so unhurried and magical. Of course, I’m sure our mothers didn’t feel this way all the time, but it seemed just fine to us. It was a great reminder about what really matters. Thank you! xoxo

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Talking with the kids about holiday memories, it just got really clear to me. None of them talked about the table nor the menu :).

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