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Follow the true leader

Are you ready to follow your own intuition, your own leadership.  It is time for your to step it up and be who you really would like to be. All those idea’s you have been brewing on and thinking some more about.  Just go for it.  Take pride of your own skills.  Test the water if it is time to take a great leap or to go about with smaller steps.  What your leadership is guiding you to do.


Have fun mapping out this week.


Love Renee


  • Gayvenda Kessler

    I came in very creative and artistic. I am 59 years old & retired from geological and geophysical drafting. I’m in Midland, Tx., the heart of the oil boom. After my divorce, I began to paint in oils again, since I was drawing a modest Social Secuity check. I was home every day and for the first time in my life, I had time to paint. I’ve also done Kriya Yoga for a number of years. It is a wonderful form of meditation.

    Though I had some major issues and bound grief to work out in the last 6 years, I started doing paintings of people’s pets for commission about 2 years ago. No website yet, but am on FaceBook. Sitting in skyscrapers for 20 years left me wanting more time someday to only do what I really enjoy. Well, It has been slow and it was during those slow times that I would trust the Universe to guide me and help me grow my business. I do jewelry, also, but painting is my true passion. If I had 25 cents, I would say thank, you God!

    My living room is my “studio”. I have a small one bedroom apartment. As a result of some of those issues I spoke of earlier, I don’t have a car yet. I’m trusting the universe to get me in a 2 bedroom so I could have one room for my art. I also am teaching oil painting to some people I have relied on word of mouth up until now.

    This last week it seemed I was blessed going in and blessed going out! Suddenly, doors are opening everywhere! I went to the doctor today and he always asks, “What are you painting?” One day he asked me and I said, “Nothing, because I’m not feeling it.” Then he told me,”You don’t feel yourself into painting or your right action! You act yourself into painting by picking up that brush, dipping it in paint and applying it to the canvas! The feeliing follows action.” Anyway, That was 1 year ago and I haven’t stopped painting since I have sold numerous pet paintings, some landscapes, one still life, and one abstracted nude. I “know” that this next year is going to get better financially. And doing what I love!

    Today, this same doctor, wanted to see some of my paintings. He told me after viewing to go ahead and send to his cell phone the photos of my work, and he would show them to the Director to get approval to display my paintings in his large modern waiting room. It is a very busy hospital. I was exhilarated after leaving his office! I gave thanks to my now very loving God and the Universe! I made a goal such as having a prosperous painting business. I focus on the end result and let God fill in the blanks.

    My lifelong dream has been to be free to paint, and I’m living my dream! Finally, after all these years, it has manifested and God’s not through with me yet! To express this creatvity passionately onto canvas gives birth to a spiritual experience for me.I enjoy creating beauty. True creativity is next to God Himself. Thanks for letting me share my jouney of intuition, but I found it doesn’t work without action..



  • Sandie

    Beautifully said. Sometimes we fall in places that blind us to what we have and then something (like this) brings us back to where we really need to be. I’ve been going thru something I don’t quit understand and it hadn’t happened in a long time. Just knowing that it is time to take care of it and give it to the universe and God and move on with life. Thanks to both of you ladies that its time to live and let go.


    • Babu Mathew

      A true experience in life’s saga . It is very encouraging and also I believe that your wonderful
      Belief in god which make me more proud of you .may god keep you
      Well and his abundance will lead to wonderful venue Namaste

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