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For now pick one of your many talents

We all have our own talents, different ways of be creative. It is time to step away from the traditional meaning of certain words and start giving them a spot in our lives, but in a way that fits our own description. Our talents may be something others can do and that is okay because we need that in our world. But we all have a different way of presenting our talents and that is where our creativity steps in. Be the difference with you talents! Don’t be shy; be bold and open in a way that suits you. Before you know it, your community wants to know all about them.


You’ll be shooting bull-eyes all day long!



Sending you lots of good vibes,




  • Gayvenda Kessler

    Hello Renee! Your topic of creativity is right down my alley. I have a passion for oil painting. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, that I was in a position to be able to spend lots of time expressing my talent onto canvas. I began a business called “Gayvenda’s Gems & Hues”. I also love animals especially dogs and cats, so the majority fo my work is commissioned pet portraits. I also do about anything else the client wants, like painting scenes on large pots, painting salmon on metal carved out fish, nudes,wall murals, still lifes, landscapes, painting graphic designs on old wooden patio bar stools and gemstone jewelry. I am technologiclly challenged for I need to create a webwsite. Some of my paintings are pictured on Facebook, I store pics of paintings on my cell phone and can send them to FB or other people’s phones.

    I was a draftsman for 20 years and used to always dream of how wonderful it would be to paint all the time. I “retired” with a small Social Security check a couple of years ago and began my painting business to supplement my income. I am doing what I love! And it has been a struggle, experienced being a “starving artist”, especially last summer. Little commissions trickled through thankfully and got me through the summer. I now have a 3 dog portrait to do, but I have to photograph the dogs and this lady is hard to pin down. And she wants to pay me to do a 4 dog painting for her daughter’s new home.

    It is great fun and I love expressing myself on canvas! The business is growing by word of mouth. I sold an unfinished nude on FB the very night that I posted it! How much do you charge for one of your short readings? I need work on creating a business that prospers me. I must have blocks in the financial area because at times, my business isn’t even moving. I keep on painting, though! Have a blessed Holiday season, Renee! Namaste, Gayvenda

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