Fully inhale your dream

It is so wonderful just to take your time and feel the energy of creating and writing from your heart and intention instead of making yourself sit down and create in a way that other tell you should. Working on sharing my stories completely blocked me to put any words on paper. It was this amazing present, but I was scared of opening up. I was chatting with some of my friends on Skype the other day, and we were truly listening to one another and helping with supporting energy. At this moment, I felt the point where it just opened up for me. I need just to start tapping in and make the choice to be ready to make a mistake and start all again.

The Story behind this door CollageThe Story behind this door Collage is by doing so I needed to figure out what it was I wanted to share. So taking words completely out of the equation I started making a vision board. These vision boards are so much fun creating, for the simple reason you only need to follow your heart and your intentions instead of overthinking and wondering what others are expecting of you. What do I like, what do I love looking at, what would I love to invite into this blog. (please fill in your intention here) To be honest, there is no stopping yourself after that. Just go and the things you find, put the idea into your head they are beyond a normal brainstorm session. You need to put a pen and paper in hand reach to write some of the ideas down because the ideas come in strange order and seem to be very random. When it is written down, you’ll notice this is not the case, but that is something that you’ll see afterward. All of this by just looking at beautiful things, colors that you would love to invite into your life

Before I knew it, I was writing this blog and just love the way this has helped me to move forward. The answers don’t need to be too difficult, but some reason we always expect them to be difficult. Is this because we want it to be special from the beginning?

Looking at creating, you start looking at the energy it is bringing you. So looking at this in a simple way, energy is moving information. The best fuel to get you out of a rude. You need to start moving. In any way or form. Creating a vision board was my spark to start the flow again. To start to reach for my pen and paper and also to pick up a book again. It all keeps the words flowing, to read other stories it helps to start creating and sharing you own stories. It makes it all come together. When you don’t get yourself out of the energy of being stuck the noise around you gets louder and louder. Before you know it you feel like everyone is busy, sharing, following their dream except you. It is uncomfortable and even painful.

What is it right at this moment that you can do to follow your dream? Let’s take anything that is even blocking you to think about this question out of the equation. Everything is possible, you just need to take that first step to make it happen. It sounds so simple right, but it truly is. Even if it is something that you have to next to the job that for now is paying for the house, the car and so forth. You can do it in the evening or get up an hour earlier. If you like to brainstorm, let me know I have happy to :). Will play some great music and get ourselves moving. To get you in the mood, this is what I am listening to at the moment!

Let’s get our visions out there woohoo.

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