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Happy new week

Happy new week!

I am glad that you are here and that we are connecting again. I always have to smile a little bit when I start writing my blog, because every week I am trying to send something new out, trying to be authentic, and of course I hope you like and enjoy it. So really no pressure at all. Stepping out in your life and really trying to connect with your day or feeling happy in it. That is not always easy. Let’s be honest, do we really want to be out there in our day? Right on center stage? Isn’t it sometimes just nice to be in the background? Just to ride the wave that is in front of you? It doesn’t need to be an impressive day every day. I think that is exactly true. There are days that it is just nice be you, in the background and watching what is going around that day. To enjoy the others in your life and what they are doing. To really feel what you need is the best way to let stress go, because sometimes we just need peace and quiet, or a night out with the girls, or a movie that involved a big box of tissues.


The other day I was just hanging out with the kids and thinking what it is we need to do. I was always in the understanding that I need to be active, need to be doing. Have to make sure the kids are happy, that they are not missing out on anything. So I asked them. Funny enough, all 3 of them wanted to stay home. So I asked again, “Are you sure? “We can go to a movie, or go for a walk.” They just looked and me and said, “Yes mum, just stay home. We can watch a movie here and bake a pizza as well.” They really just wanted to hang out at home. To be honest I really liked it as well.  It was again a confirmation that sometimes it is nice to stay where you are and just be. To ground yourself with home, which we all create, wherever we are. We spend a lot of time, creating a nice living room, kitchen, doing groceries etc. So it is a great place to hang out.

For this week, I wish for you a day where you can just hang out, enjoy your home. Have a good time with what you are observing around you. It is a great way to get your creativity flowing again, get rested and to be ready for when you decide it is time TO DO something.


  • Michelle

    Some of my fondest memories are the ones created right at home. Whether it was watching Saturday morning cartoons with my mom, playing in our yard with my sisters or cuddled up with my Dad reading a book. Doing “stuff” and being “busy” sometimes gets in the way of what is truly important and valuable in our lives.

  • Jen

    Love this Renee! So often I get so caught up in the same thing….need to be doing, something, anything, must do. But if I don’t just take the time to relax…I feel the stress start creeping in. It is so good to just kick back and observe, thank you for this timely reminder!

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