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Have More Fun – It’s Medicine for Your Spirit By Jennifer Currie

When I was a child growing up in Mississippi my grandmother used to talk about having “sinking spells”.  Usually a “sinking spell” would occur sometime late in the afternoon and the symptoms included:  a drop in energy leaving one exhausted, a wave of boredom, a loss of inspiration, and an overwhelming sense that life was a monotonous list of duties.  The remedy usually involved a cup of coffee or some sort of snack.  My grandmother and her sisters would sip their coffee, talk about the day, tell funny stories and giggle together.  These are some of my favorite childhood memories because they were fun times. Everyone was infused with a burst of energy and a better outlook.  As I got older I noticed that a “sinking spell” could occur at almost any time, and sometimes that shot of caffeine didn’t do a thing for it.  Now after weathering some pretty intense “sinking spells” in my life, listening to friends describe their own versions, and helping clients through these shadowy times, I’m convinced that maybe there was something more magical than caffeine in my grandmother’s remedy.  I believe it was her willingness to take a moment to nurture herself – to have a chat with people she loved and laugh a little in the middle of the day.  These were things that she enjoyed, and her willingness to have fun literally broke the spell cast by low vibrations and negativity.


When I write for my blog and newsletter I often pull tarot cards for inspiration.  For this post I pulled:  The Three of Cups.   The message was clear that we need to take a look at those “sinking spells” we’re experiencing and consider that the best medicine might just be having a little fun. When we’re in a slump we’re actually experiencing the pull of a lower vibration.  It could be brought on by bad news, a negative person, excessive worry, or lack of sleep just to name a few.  We are much more sensitive than we realize and sometimes these spells seem to come out of nowhere.  Often they are the result of our own habits as well.  Maybe we are perfectionistic and hard on ourselves.  Maybe we have a tendency to see the glass as half-empty when it comes to certain situations.  We all experience “sinking spells” and being aware of this is the first step to making a shift, but what action can we take to change the channel to a better station?  The Three of Cups says: Do something fun!  Do something that makes you feel good.  When we have fun we open ourselves to possibility.  This is how we can literally lighten up, and open the door to spirit where inspiration and bright ideas abound.

Ok, I can hear the protests.  I know… it sounds too simple and what about all the work that needs to be done?  What about all the people who need us and are expecting things?  I just want you to know that I get it.  I’ve been there.  But I also know that I’d still be there if I hadn’t taken this advice years ago and given my spirit some breathing room.  The ego likes to put up a fight when it comes to letting spirit lead, and it can make some pretty convincing arguments.  That’s why it’s important to allow moments of pleasure into your life everyday in small ways.  It’s a lot easier to get your ego off your back and take a fifteen-minute walk than it is to talk it into a ten-day vacation.  We have to know where our egos like to put up roadblocks and get creative about finding ways around them.
Allow your spirit some room to move in your daily life.  It is the best way I’ve found to start changing the channel, opening the door to intuition, and creating more joy.  Start by taking a break and doing something that feels good to you.  If you have no idea what your spirit likes, look around your home and your life.  Go on a treasure hunt to find some clues and make this a game – it’s fun!  Do you have a stack of beautiful cookbooks accumulating on the shelf?  Could you lose yourself for hours on Tumblr or Pinterest? Do you love sports? Animals? Crossword puzzles? Long walks in nature? Dancing?  Asking yourself what lights you up is how you find your fun and in the process you’ll find your spirit too.

Watercolor by Jennifer Currie - something I did for funWhen I first started to get reacquainted with my spirit I was a single mother with a three-year-old daughter.  I had lost my husband to cancer a year before, and I was experiencing one very big “sinking spell”.  Everything in my life felt overwhelming and difficult, but when I realized I needed to go in search of my spirit I started finding clues all around me.  One of the clues was a box of arts and crafts supplies that I had been collecting for years.  I loved these art supplies and started wondering why I didn’t make more time to use them.  This led me to notice a few other things such as:  I always volunteered for decorating jobs at my daughter’s school.  I would slave over meticulous birthday cakes and Halloween costumes.  Every holiday brought on a flurry of creative activity that I clung to like a life raft.  You see, I am an artist – but I didn’t know it at the time.  My ego wouldn’t allow me to come right out and be one, but my spirit was looking for every opportunity it could find to express itself.  It was a clue, and once I recognized it I knew that making art was a genuine way to feed my spirit and the best tonic for my “sinking spells”.  The more I’ve searched, the more clues I’ve found, and now I have lots of remedies that I can turn to.  Of course none of this would have worked if I hadn’t been willing to put down some of those burdens for a few minutes and give it a try.  It didn’t instantly change everything over night, but it did lighten my heart and bring joy back into my life bit by bit.  Look at what you enjoy doing and do it more often.  This isn’t frivolous – it’s medicine for your spirit.  It instantly shifts you into a higher vibration and that is where you hear your intuition, see your life from a clearer perspective and allow for surprising and creative solutions to arise.  So break that “sinking spell” by giving your spirit a little dose of fun every day.

Jennifer Currie

Intuitive Coach + Spirit Artist

As an intuitive guide, teacher, and artist my mission is to help you connect with your own divine spirit.  I believe that the cultivation of intuition; self-compassion; creative expression; and responsible choice opens the heart and facilitates healing and joy.  My readings and artwork are designed to reveal your innate beauty; affirm your inner knowing; and empower you to live an authentic and spirit-led life.  I’m available for readings, and I invite you to contact me or take a look at my website and blog for more information.





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