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Hey, You! What are you thinking?

We are what we are thinking; we create with what we are thinking.  This is not something new and for some reason I kept ‘bumping” into this concept the whole week.  There have been many books written about creating with our thoughts.  I find it very interesting and to be honest I have no idea where this article is going to take me, but at least I am going to be in the flow.  Yet another word we hear so much and somehow have found its way into our day-to-day conversations.

Being an intuitive it is sometimes weird when I start talking about these concepts.  Shouldn’t I just know?  To be able to see into colours and talk with guides or people who have crossed over, you would think that I could ask someone to give me the right answer.  But just like any one else here it is a journey, figuring out how things work in this world.  Learning makes it all so much more interesting, and for me an opportunity to connect with others and talk about our experiences.

I love to share what I have learned and own the things that happened to me, because this is how we learn.  My guides are of course an important part of this journey, but the people I meet are as important in this.  The great part of sharing is that we don’t need to invent the wheel over and over again and it gives us the space in our lives to make mistakes and figure out how to do it differently the next time.

This is how change starts to happen and we create new choices. This is when we realize that we need to do it differently, not only by our actions but also in the way we think. Every day we dream and our dreams also change; this starts with one thought and that one thought creates a whole world on its own.  It is important to not already limit ourselves within our own thoughts for they are the perfect place to talk ourselves into some new adventure or out of an unknown adventure.

Do you recognize that? That we think about our new home, that perfect job, amazing relationship and then in the same thought stream we tell ourselves, “No. That is not possible.”  This is where we start to create limitations that are not really there.

There is no reason not to think big.

The outside world has nothing to do with this. While you are sitting there, enjoying your daydream, anything is possible. The energy and wonderful feeling it gives us is already worthwhile dreaming about it. Listen and trust that soft voice that is taking you on a journey of unlimited possibilities. The more we practice listening to this voice, the more we believe that maybe it’s not “weird” to have big dreams.

They don’t happen over night, those big changes – the amazing job, big home, better car – but little things will change. When we stick to these small changes they will add up to one big shift at some point, because we will start to feel better about the situation and ourselves were we are in at this moment. Suddenly, those opportunities we never expected will appear and we are now ready to dare to make a different choice. This will bring you to a completely different road with different people entering your life. Friends will start commenting to you that you have changed, that your life is changed and they want to know the secret. It may even be a surprise for us because it has been created slowly and steadily and this foundation is strong. It has been built with confidence, trust and lots of love.

The moment to start all this is right now.


This is the moment; this is when we take charge of our own thinking. There are choices and possibilities and the energy is amazing to ride on. Is taking charge not the best way to life your livie? This is the moment one thought at the time.


Let me know how you are tackling this . . . I love to hear all about it.


Lots of love,


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