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This week I notice something that really got me pondering. I have just moved to a new city. This means of course finding my two feet on the ground again and to find my way around as well. Big city and many way’s to move around, metro, bus, car and walking of course. There are many little roads here in Singapore and little hidden once as well. The thing I notice is that with a map or gps I manage to always take this longest route. It is really interesting. I just don’t take enough time to really look at it and to figure out what the most direct route is.           Yes, 7b5c6ed100ef86a5e0ae572caa461e71even with a gps I manage to take a wrong turn. Thinking that the machine was wrong. To a point where I couldn’t find the kids school. Seriously it took me a long time before I finally found it. Yes, this is still a big joke during dinner as you can image.

What really stroke me thou was the fact that if I would take a few moments to really pay attention, I would see straight away how to reach my destination. It is not always a terrible thing to wander around a bit and be surprised what we encounter. Lets be honest

here, we don’t always have the time to do this or even want to do this. So paying attention to what was happening I notice that this happens to a lot of people around me. This is something that is building more stress into their day. Something that happens in all kind of situations. Picking courses, where to sit when you walk into a room, where to buy your new shoes. Do you know that feeling that after looking and looking you finally settle for something, to just walk around the corner and to see exactly what you were looking for.  It is funny that if you would look up and see what else there is, this will give us a wide range of directions and choices.

To add and extra bonus to this, is by doing this we are even quicker then we were before. This takes away a lot of stress and also less joking about the strange things that happens during our day. Have a look for yourself, where do you go just a little bit to fast and slowing down would really help you. If you think about the turtle did win the race at the end

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