If I wasn’t waiting to do it perfectly, I would… #30dayjournal

If I wasn’t waiting to do it perfectly. That would make it all so much easier, wouldn’t it. I start many things and mainly in my head and when I need to get out there and just do it. I fail, for the simple reason someone else is always doing a better job. It feels that my friends are just better in writing down a story or mum I know from school is not afraid to take a risk and come out a winner. You name it, and I have stepped away from it. If some classmate or work colleague would have a similar idea to look into or create a project. My first thoughts always are that they will be better at it. This girl of guy has more creativity, or is nicer than me, knows more people or people like her/him better. It just feels like Facebook where everyone is having an incredible life, filled with so many successes and nothing ever goes wrong. To be very honest, I wish them all the success in the world. I truly do. I wish everyone to be happy, prosperous and healthy. That sounds of course very nice, but the word nice gets a strange after taste if you look at it this way. It feels like I am “using” the being nice as a block and hold myself back from many things. Sometimes I thing, you can’t always be the person that stops and give way to someone else. If you would do that, you never get anywhere.

c26b7622-fcb5-4354-81cf-10b403b40b89So what if I wasn’t waiting to do it perfectly? It would take away so much pressure, and it would start to give me so much energy straight away. Because I can stay in my happy place and tap into the unlimited source of creativity out there. I could let go of my shame of making mistakes and do it my way. So many of you know me very well, and I make a lot of errors, and I am the first person to laugh about it myself. Happy to share and learn at the same time. So why not let go of all things that need to be done, the perfect social media photo’s, the blog that has 10.000 people on their list, to keep counting if anyone has clicked “like”. It just is not necessary. So I send you this email and am very grateful that you read it. Yes, it would even be amazing if you would leave me a message.

To be given this prompt just gave me the push I needed. Just jump and do it. I have seen my middle son do so often. He would be half way up the tree wondering how to get down and why he choose to do it this way. He alway found a way and managed to get back on his feet. My oldest likes to do this when he knows the outcome will be perfect (this does sounds familiar). The youngest just does and comes up with so much creative stuff to do it is just a joy to watch. I think I am going to throw all these characters in the mix and hustle them up. It will for sure give me a unique way of working.

Looking at all my modules and work that I need to do for my equine sports massage training. It is time to hand in some of my assignments. I have an amazing supportive teacher, and there is no reason for me to be afraid that I am not good enough. If it needs extra work, that is fine, but it doesn’t need to perfect. I need to represent me and show what kind of knowledge I already have gathered over the last few months. The love I have for my horses and working with the owners at the same time. Nature people are so grounded and real, sometimes stuck in their ways, but very open to learning new ways. You just have to show them it works. Same goes for my journey and experiments with essential oils. As they are amusing, don’t talk to my furry friends or my family, as not everything is perfect!

What would you do if you didn’t need to do it perfectly?

Lots of love,



  • Debbie

    So many things I should do, but I feel am not quite good enough yet …. I have a spinning qualification, a year ago, but haven’t yet taken a spinning class, I am qualified to teach exercise to over 70s, but still have just one client ….

    Unfortunately there aways seems a good reason why I can’t start now, some of which is my own lack of confidence.

    Maybe I need to just do it

    Keep writing – it’s good stuff!


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