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Into Wishin’ By Lloyd Matthew Thompson

Oh, hello there— I’m so glad you’ve finally arrived!

I’ve wanted to ask you: Are you into wishin’?

You’re not quite sure what I mean? Ah, I shall explain.


Do you recall that time the GPS system in your car was on the fritz and you were trying to get to your good friend’s holiday celebration in a remote area of the county? You came to that intersection, and wondered which way to turn. Your gut said, “Left! Turn left,” but your mind said, “There appears to be more dwellings off to the right there!” And so, after much deliberation, you chose to take the right-hand road, and ended up at a cheese farm rather than a marshmallow roasting. “I wish I had listened to my instinct and turned left back there!” you exclaimed.


Now remember that odd little fellow who came calling at your door, attempting to convince you that you needed that most magnificent vacuum on the planet?  You allowed his assurances that you would not regret the purchase to override your initial feeling that he should not be trusted and that the entire fiasco was too good to be true.  And when the motor fell off right when you had your daughter’s dry cereal explosion to clean up before the dinner guests were due to arrive in fifteen minutes, you saw that it was indeed too good to be true.  “I was wishin’ I’d listened to my first reaction,” you said when you were telling me the story afterwards.  But the supper that evening was so amazingly delicious, you knew you shouldn’t have helped yourself to that third plate, and wished you hadn’t as you spent the night in your restroom instead of your bedroom.  I personally am not into wishin’. I find it quite regretful— literally!


Over the course of my years as a human, I have discovered it much easier to go with that first-thought instinct of my intuition, which has proven a majority of the time to be more correct in thought and action than the second-guess doubting that inevitably stems from overanalyzing a situation.  As spiritual beings inhabiting physical vessels— two worlds in one— I believe it is of utmost importance to operate our lives with a foot in each world as well.  It is quite true we are in the physical world and must cooperate with many physical laws and procedures, but there is also another layer to everything, “behind-the-scenes.”  When we begin to practice tuning in to these subtler unseen levels surrounding us, we unveil an entire additional set of laws and options— options that man cannot set regulations upon!  And so I am before you here today, recommending to each and every one of you that you swear off wishin’ for all eternity, make the most resolute efforts to befriend your Self, earn your own unshakeable trust, and consult your primal intuition as you frolic through your day— or you may be wishin’ you had!

~ ~ ~ ~


Lloyd Matthew Thompson was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he remains constantly active with his family, artwork, writing and multiple projects, which include his energy balancing and healing project galaxy.energy (galaxyenergy.org), his spiritual/inspirational project bearfooted self-centered humans (bearfooted.org), and, jointly with his wife Melissa Rae Thompson, Fox.and.Owl [Metaphysical Manifestations] (FoxandOwl.net).


  • Brandy Morris

    A great post! This is something that really struck a chord with me. One of the things I tell all of my friends when they are about to go on vacation is that almost every vacation story about something bad happening starts with, “I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that we shouldn’t be there.” Listen to your intuition and you won’t be regrettin’ and wishin’ 🙂 I’ll be stealing that for my safety speech moving forward and also to remind me of how to deal with my own life! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lloyd Matthew Thompson

    Awww! Thank you SO much, Brandy! That really means a lot to hear!
    I love the reaction on people’s faces when that clicks for them— “Hey YEAH! I DO get that feeling!” and suddenly the world is a whole new place for them! <3

    Many blessings to you! 🙂


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