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Reconnecting with My Intuition By Grace Dewey

Graceful by Viktor Lyagushkin
Graceful by Viktor Lyagushkin

I believe that every single person is born with a deep connection to his or her intuition.  Some people are fortunate to never lose touch with it during their lifetime, but most of us lose it for some time and then work to find it again.  I definitely fit in with the later group.  Growing up, I knew my hearts desires and I acted on them.  I skipped and sang when I was happy. I gave impromptu performances for friends and family.  I cried freely.  I excelled in school because I was fueled by joy for learning.  I picked out outfits that spoke to me without a thought for what anyone else might think.  I didn’t know the word for it, but it was intuition that guided my life.  It was around eighth grade when things began to change for me.  I started to become much more aware of what was expected of me by family, peers, and society, and my own internal voice grew quieter as the voices around me got louder and the list of should’s got longer.  I learned that I should wear the “right” clothes to fit in, that I should worry about my weight and how my hair looked.  I learned that I should get all A’s because I should get into advanced classes and then get into a good university.  I learned that I shouldn’t feel complete without a boyfriend or beautiful without male approval.  I learned that I shouldn’t speak my full truth so that I could protect myself from rejection.   And I learned that I should ignore the voice within that was trying to tell me that all of this was wrong.

Throughout high school, the voice of my intuition got quieter and quieter until she was nothing but a whisper and a dull, unidentifiable, constant ache within me.  As I applied for universities, my intuition tried to tell me that I wasn’t ready, but the voices of convention and expectation were far too strong, so once again, I sent my intuition away.  While at university, sign after sign told me that I had made the wrong choice.  I gained weight from eating emotionally, my menstrual cycle was irregular, I became lethargic, my anxiety flared up, and I experienced my first (and hopefully only) panic attack.  It was these blaring signs that called out to me allow more space for my intuition and to open my ears to what she was saying.  When I did so, it became clear to me that I required to take a year off from university to care for myself and reconnect with my heart’s desires.

At first, I didn’t want to accept that this, knowing that my parent, peers, and society expected me to be in school and continue on the normal pat

h.  For weeks I went back and forth, letting the message of my intuition stew inside me, trying to debate with it and convince myself that I could stay in school and “make it work”.  But the pain in my heart that I felt each time I thought about rejecting my intuition, and the sheer freedom I felt when I thought about listening to it, ultimately gave me the strength to let my parents and academic advisors know how I felt and to convince both them and my ego that I was making the right choice.

Today, I know without a doubt that I made the right decision and I am beyond grateful that I listened to my intuition.  Since then I have found my purpose as a holistic health and self-love coach and I have continued to rekindle my relationship with my intuition.  I’m learning to trust her voice more and more, and I’ve promised her I will never let her be silenced again.  I invite you to make that same promise.

Grace Dewey is a holistic health coach and the founder of Love Your Healthy Life.  She believes that life is a precious gift to be lived to the fullest and that self-love and vibrant health are necessary for a life well-lived.  She works with teens and women to help them gain optimal health, passionate self-love, deep comfort and joy in their own skin, and the life of their wildest dreams.  Visit loveyourhealthylife.typepad.com or e-mail her at gracedeweyhealthcoach@gmail.com to schedule your free session today!


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