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Creation and you by Jolande de Grijs

Can life be so simple as to describe it as the chance to discover your own divine possibilities?  Is my beautiful life on earth the result of my wish to be the companion of God and the wish of God to have companions on earth? I believe it is. God is a field of consciousness filled with unlimited possibilities. In essence to merge with this field of the super consciousness will leave one with a feeling of love and peace.  It opens the eyes to the fact that your soul is a part of this field and this soul is the drive to find your way back home. It is the free will that allows every human being to be the human it wants to be. It is however the ultimate goal of every human being on earth to realize that the part of being is worthwhile of re-discovering. It is this part of being that is there always to support, to energize, to guide, to love whatever the human chooses to do.  It is my free will that may use the creative force how it pleases to do so. This is the game of life…… wow that is great! Thank you God although I would like to admit that it is sometimes a little bit scary to be so powerful.

Our mind is able and allowed to use this unlimited field of energy from the super conscious with its creative force. We are allowed to build our own world and experience whatever we choose.  Our mind is the builder. Most of us are building experiences for a long long time. It was and is our mind that is able to create our own thought patterns using the divine energy. We are all like children, sisters and brothers, born out of this divine field filling us and giving us the promise to be available whenever we knock at its door.

To realize you are part of a much bigger field of energy, the super consciousness, makes you humble. It is my mission in life to be a true child of God and be its servant. I enjoy my life on mother earth. I use my unlimited potential to heal myself, others and mother earth. Yes and in that particular order. It is amazing how the laws of the universe operate. One of the great sayings of my brother Jesus is that is a wise idea to remove the log in your own eye before removing the speck in ones brother or sister’s eye.

By working on your own log you will recreate your own thought patterns that might have kept you from the original ideal thought pattern: the pattern of unconditional love.  Hard work but my God so worth it!

Love Jolande

Over the past few years I have reading a lot with a lot of interest. Recently a course on meditation and inner life brought via intense meditation something that no book can do for anyone. It was meditation that brought me to my kingdom within.  It was a complete surrendering of self without any expectations.  Yes I was nervous: what if I could not meditate…. That would be a first for a spiritual coach.  Soon it became apparent that I just needed to discover my knowing.  My knowing was covered by what? Does it matter? No I believe that anyone with the sincere wish and readiness to connect with the spiritual force is able to do so.  Was it fear that kept me away from this complete surrender?

My name is Jolande de Grijs. Mother of two daughters and married to my high school sweetheart Harry de Grijs.  We lived in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia and now the USA. It is great to be able to travel around the world and absorb the many cultures with the various religions/spirituality.  I started to rediscover my healing powers after I turned 40 years old. Now I am a Reiki master/shaman and spiritual coach

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