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It makes your heart smile!

“To have a friend, be a friend.”~  Julio Fung

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Friendship it is a part in our live we all look for.  To have another human being close to us that we can trust and be ourselves completely with is important.  I know we all have our own definition of friendship and who we consider to be a friend.  Some of us like to have many friends. It looks sometime people collect friends like shoes.  Others have great difficulty’s connecting to others and call them even friends.  They find it hard to be open and find the trust that it is okay to be themselves.  This is of course no measurement to if your happy or not.  Friendship brings more color to our life.

In research it has been proven that friendships even bring many health benefits to your life.  The fact that we have other humans in our life touching and interacting with us.  Helps our heart to function better and even our digestive system function better.  But most importantly our emotional life will function better.  When we have good friends in our life we worry less, we’re more active and are willing to take healthy risks to move forward and make changes for the better.

The question this is bringing up for me is, why is it so difficult to build a relationship with others. There are very special people in my live and they give so much extra sparkle to my journey. But there are also people who have really hurt me and they come and go on my journey sometimes. Some people don’t even know that their impact on my life is negative and this tells me that I will might have hurt others as well without my knowledge as well.  Even with the knowledge that it is a risk going out there and connect with others it always is worth the effort. It will always add something to our lives. Love,  nourishment, lessons that will help us grow.  So positive and negative experience will help us to make different decision later in life and it will help us to move on.  Sometime there are events they’re  life changing friendships.  These will always be treasured by us.  First of all get out there and connect with others. It is our decision if we accept a friendship or not.  Both directions are fine, it is the fact that you are out there. Ready for the adventure of that friendship brings.

Namaste Renée

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