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Just a little bit lost

Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new. ~ Og Mandino


Writing at the moment is not really coming naturally to me.  Normally I sit down and write.  This means that most of the time I have no idea where my story will take me, but I really enjoy following the words.  Today I really don’t know.  Even coming up with a title is a struggle.  This is a first, but teaching me just go with it.  On the other hand my thoughts are going all kinds of directions and I find all kinds of silly things to do except writing my blog.

Working on my accreditation to become an official International coach, we all have to write a blog.  This is a wonderful goal and gets us to make our first steps in to presenting ourselves.  First writing was very scary and a big challenge and then there is always the challenge to do so with as less errors as possible. It needs to be correct. We also have to make sure the blog is liked and you love to come back or even better leave your email behind to follow me. ( You can do so in the corner of this page. Just in case you have missed this) This whole new media has defiantly changed my life and has help me to be able to introduce my self as an intuitive and as a coach.  What is it we like to stand for as a coach and what can our clients expect from us!  With a subject at hand I have always been comfortable writing about anything.  Today with this white screen in front of me it is the first time I really have to go with the thoughts that come out of my fingers.

Teaching and learning and then of course learning and teaching again.  Isn’t that what happens to us all every day?  We think we know what the day would be like.  Normally the monday is always the same, but what if the car won’t start?  Or there is no traffic at all and you are arrive half an hour early at the office.  Normally your always the last person at a party, but if you’re the first.  We’re out of our comfort zone and need to find a new balance. All of a sudden we are the students again and need to learn something you. Of course when we have overcome this new first, we are able to teach others again. The flexibility to be student and teacher and of course vica versa makes our day a good one.  This helps to take the frustration out of it and every day gives us a new change to start all over again. With the advantage with what we have learned yesterday.

Namaste Renee

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