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Just one of those mornings! #Grateful

More and more I wake up and just feel grateful. For the way it all goes, were I am at so to speak I guess. It is so different from today than two years ago or even one year ago. To be honest, I typically really didn’t pay that must attention to it all. Until you starting up way to early to go and do something you love. My family is still laughing when they hear I am getting up at 6 am. As I am that person that just loves sleeping in and getting awake around dusk again.

DSC_6421It is still a mystery to me as well, but it is just all so much fun. I am enjoying myself. It just has brought me all that I was missing so much, nature – animals and friendly people. Even more, than that I already loved massaging, and now I can combine all of this with working with animals. I also started final sitting behind my computer ( yes, writing more blogs ūüôā ). But also to do my homework for my course and even that is fun. I still can’t believe it. They also say be careful what you wish for, but so far so good!

After having a coaching session about what to do with this blog and me enjoying writing. The start of the blog, of course, was sharing all about coaching and what to do with all this change in life. Change in our life is something that is happening every single day. The beauty of it all is that we can start over every day of our lives as well. I felt like I was betraying you all be changing the subject. The topic of this blog is maybe not what you have signed up for in the beginning. So much horse stuff. I totally understand, but this all kind of happened to me as well. The interesting thing is that it all took place when I started practising my own coaching. There is, of course, one thing of learning how to coach – being a coach. It felt to me that I needed to put in practice all these things I was so enthusiastically telling my clients.

All this meant I needed to get off my bum and do. If you like to see change, you need to be the change. Some very wise people have said this before as well. So after I run out of excuses not to leave my house. Yes, I had many! I needed to make a vision board, pay attention to my social media, had to do some housework. (sadly yes, I did use it as a reason not to leave the house) But then there was this point where I just simply run out of excuses.

What did it bring me, to put it all into one word? GRATITUDE and lots of it. It is just one of those days :).

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