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Just take the jump

Do you recognize those little butterflies in your tummy or do they feel like heaviness?  Taking a leap of faith is difficult, because what if…


The message for this week is all about stepping over our own fear.  This sometimes feels like making a mistake of driving into the wrong direction.  It is only our own feeling, because it is simply something new.


So just do it, you can!






  • Poppy

    Thanks so much Renee! That was timely for me…lots of decisions about work and what brings me joy vs responsibilities and finding the balance…

    If there is fear there, I sometimes think I’m on the right track….will be listening a little closer to that voice… Peace and Blessings! Poppy…

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      With recognizing you’re own way of tackling you life is the most important step. Keep connecting to your authentic voice and you’ll see change entering as well. Xxx

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