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Knock, Knock, who there?

Attachment-1Being me, what does that mean? You probably think this is a strange question for an intuitive counsellor.  Isn’t this something she should have figured out when she started giving her readings, coaching sessions? I’m not sure about that last question, but the thing is in life we sometimes just kinda stumble into things.  These things will take us from one place to another and before we know it we are just busy with our day-to-day life. Having fun or not so much, learning new things or repeating lessons over and over. This has nothing to do with ones profession, but to show up as the best person we can be. So not just go from one day in another day. The process to be you is a challenge for all of us and I would like to share this with you and invite you to share yours.

In my life, we move around a lot. So far this has been 5 countries, 4 continents and 13 houses. We go to different country’s every 2 years and sometimes after 4 years. I find this very fascinating and always think; okay this will give me an opportunity to do it differently in my new destination.  This time around I truly stay true to my own personality. I have been given an opportunity to start fresh, new canvas.  The fact of the matter is I don’t start fresh.  I take my life just from one place of the world to another place of the world. The starting a new somehow disappears very quickly.  Why, I really don’t know, but I just want to fit in, be like-able.  What are people doing in this community, how can I blend in and please don’t let me be weird or different! This meant for me to make sure in no scenario to stand out personally. On top of that to build a “normal” life as quickly as possible, so that I blend in with the environment am in.  Over the last 14 years I have been blending in and it has given me an opportunity to step into many different footsteps, but none of them were mine.  I have experience things that where neither my feelings nor my fears.  But I did invite them in as a long lost relative and gave them a place in my life.


IMG_0380Some of these feelings have made me start eating a lot, do thing as if they were my biggest passion and they were not, feel emotions that were not mine. But also let go of my own gifts as a clairvoyant, medium, and my connection with the spirit world.  To see things happening to people, wanting to help and then got completely burned down.  Just because I was identifying with something or someone and that wasn’t my lesson neither to learn nor to experience it.

 Of course all of this has been an amazing learning curve and brought a lot of challenges to my life.  Have been on adventures that weren’t mine, but still very excited to be there. I have been role-playing part as if they were mine. Needless to say I have managed to loose track of Renee.



So this is going to be my time to find out about me. I think Renee is an interesting person and fun to hang around. Also realize this is not something unique and there are more people out there who have been going thru the same thing.

For a while now I have been waiting for another move, so that this time I could truly start a new.  Of course this move was just not coming around the corner and I started wondering what it is I am waiting for. I have set myself a challenge for the next coming year.  Every week I am going on an expedition to figure out who I am and why I am this amazing person to be around with. (I guess) What is it that makes me a great friend, fantastic college, amazing intuitive to work with.

So let me introduce to you Renee…



  • Diane Lemieux

    Hey Renee, great blog.

    in our book ‘The Mobile Life’ we talk about the fact that a move to a new place can be an opportunity to decide who we want to be or what we want to do in our life. You are correct, we never abandon who we are when we move, but we can plan to be more of this or do more of that in the next place. As a teenager moving from Canada to Brazil, I decided that I wanted to be more outgoing and get involved in the arts in my new school. I was lucky that my school offered the opportunities that I was looking for. I never mentioned this ‘goal’ to anyone at the time because I thought that we weren’t supposed to re-define ourselves – you are who you are. But I’ve since discovered that we can view our move as an opportunity to mould the life we want to have. And with the internet today we have the ability to find out what is available at our next place and not leave it up to luck. In the new place, people will think of us as who we say we are and what we do. It is a scary thought, but empowering too!

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Thanks Diane!
      Yes, it is an amazing opportunity to reclaim part of ourselves and combine this with exploring new ones. I totally agree with you that this is very empowering. Look forward reading your new book.

  • Jill Tini

    I loved reading about your journey Renee. The first thing that came to me as I read this would be to dig a little deeper inwardly and seek the answer to why you don’t feel ‘like-able’ just as you are? Why do you feel embarrassed/afraid to show your true self to others? Where is the vulnerability lay in your past for being judged in your now?

    I have been on a very long journey though the last 2 years I have been ‘finding’ me and absolutely loving it. Every time a thought, a feeling, a reaction, a denial, a hesitation, presents itself then I now choose to go deeper, to find its origin. This is an amazing journey and most times I ‘know’ the answer within moments. It is exciting to ‘find and be’ me. I don’t waste time and energy on people who are not accepting of who I am, just as I am. Everyone is their perfect self for where they are in life and when this is whole-heartedly accepted, then the Universe brings ‘good’ connections. Acceptance of each person as they are is the key. To feel accepted by others, you first have to fell totally accepted by you 🙂

    I understand your feeling of not wanting to stand out, to not be noticed as different. I too used to live my life like this. I am proud of who I am and when asked what I do, I speak my of intuitive gifts and connections with loving confidence. Some people cant handle it and that is ok, it is their journey. I find now that many people are willing to seek further knowledge and open-ness and ask more curious questions. You are intuitive so it is easy to pick up on someone else genuine-ness.

    My 14 year old daughter sums it up beautifully. ”Everyone at school thinks I am weird but that’s ok because they don’t understand”. My daughter connects with tree energy and faery and is not afraid to speak where her wisdoms and knowledge come from. Her friends accept her just as she is because they are true friends.

    All the best on your journey of self discovery my friend


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