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Knowing your roots helps you move forward with confidence.


We are all gardeners at heart; we may just not realise this. We all start at the root of all our endeavours.  Our roots are the most important things we have in life. Roots you can find everywhere, plants, trees, but roots are maybe not noticeable, touchable with us human being. This doesn’t indicate anything about how important they are to us. To have your roots somewhere is having a source to fall back on. Having roots means having a support system. Your roots can be family, people that are closest to you where you live, people who get you, they are supportive of you. With having healthy roots, you can heal yourself, to be creative, via your root system you can truly tap into a source that makes you happy. So all of us, with the whole travelling going on, us moving around, the TV that is introducing us to all new kind of things from far away places. These movements are not always by choice; sometimes we need to move because of a job, or because of health issues. But there are also other reasons why we need to move, and that is because we need to find a home for our roots. People around us do just not understand what we are doing and why we make decisions the way we do. The is a lack of understanding, acceptation of the person you are.

This means you have to find other surroundings for your roots. This means that you will be searching for a new place, environment to put your roots down. I have been moving around the world for years, for a job, for giving support and note it has not always been clear to me why I was moving around so much. To find a place to put my roots down have become essential to me. I had to have a clear and honest look why I was taking my roots up to go and find another home. In the beginning, I always thought that it was to support my better half, that I just had no choice. It took some time to figure out that this was not the case at all. My soul loves to experience first-hand what the different environments are like in the world. I am truly a practical person. The need to figure out what you need to create a healthy, safe garden so to speak in different places in the world. I needed to understand how it works in different locations. For other people, they will make changes in the environment they already are. Some kilometres are not necessary, but the fact that you realise that you need different soil, different nourishment and different ways to feed you, soul, your heart desire is fundamental. This starts with finding people who understand you, individuals with the taste for similar food, sense of humour, the way they view life.

If you have the feeling that all these things, supportive friends, to share your laughter with, to feel safe and nurtured is not in place (yet). Check in with you the roots that you have put in. How solute is this, are you feeding yourself correcting, do you feel safe to express yourself completely, are you healthy and full of energy. Do you believe in balance with your day-to-day life? Having a healthy and strong root system is something that is important to spend time in developing. It is important to come in full circle with your body mind and soul. It will always go up and down, and that is fine. Your Roots are flexible; healthy roots don’t break easily.

Be your gardener, because we all have green fingers in one way or another.

Look forward hearing all about your recipes!


Lots of love,




  • Amy Bovaird

    Oh Renee, when I lived overseas, I sought out friends like you to help me find a way to settle in, someone open and warm, approachable. Someone, as you say, seeking their roots, seeking to understand how one fits in this environment or that one. I, too, found it exciting to see how that worked. It was the expatriate life, one I loved. I love this piece about roots. It kind of encapsulates my feelings about living overseas in various countries. I’m going to share it!
    Thank you for posting this analogy!
    So beautiful!

  • K. Lee Banks

    Renee, thank you for sharing this intriguing reflection and analogy about roots.

    I especially like what you said here:

    “To have your roots somewhere is having a source to fall back on. Having roots means having a support system. Your roots can be family, people that are closest to you where you live, people who really get you, they are supportive to you.”

    I agree! Support systems are so important! I even blogged about this earlier today regarding having encouragement and support while endeavoring to lose weight and get healthier.

    Thanks for sharing!

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