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Lets talk about your pack.

How are you?

Thinking of taking care of ourselves we most of the time think about us as an individual.  The thing is thou we are also the group we spend lots of time with. Have a think about the different kind of group you spend a lot of time with. Are these groups still bringing the sun out for you? Do you look forward spending them with them?  It is very important to have a look at the people and situations we spend time, because this is were we develop ourselves as well.

Have a good week and sensing out your own pack.

Love Renee


  • Carrol


    Thank for sharing your message this week. I enjoying hearing from each week and the energy you radiate is just beautiful


  • Teri Keele

    What I am learning is that my “pack” is slowly changing….life long friends I have had are not in my life so much as they were…we are drifting apart…our ideas are different and we have nothing much to say….the people I associate the most with are the ones that have a genuine connection to spirit….we share similar ideas…I am also spending more time alone…which after being a nurse for 40 years and now retired from that…the quiet is what I crave…..maybe I am drifting into a new pack……

  • Marcelle McConchie

    Your thoughts and guidance always gets me thinking upon how it reflects in my life, within my experiences, around my practices…such a gift when the words from one can flow into actions for another, thank you Renee 🙂

    The pack, the people that weave throughout our day…hmmm, very interesting! For me I have found it’s all about energy and growth…but isn’t it all 😉
    Standing as one, I find that the natural flow of energy draws positive people and experiences around me but standing in my other multiple worldly-human-mummy-doingmydaily shoes I sometimes glimpse in the group collective people or experiences that I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to invite into my sanctuary but that I am required to interact with in my world 🙂
    And this is where I sometimes find it tricky (over-thinking steps in!) and wonder if this a. a reflection and opportunity for self growth b. I have drawn lower experiences to me through lower energy c. just someone doing their own thing and not to attach any ‘ego’ response to it 🙂
    So it’s been the ongoing learning experience for me to intuit whether I need to recognise reflected back through these interactions a gift of growth or that it is just a passing by of lovely people on their own journey and not adding low energies of opinions, judgement etc.

    Thanks Renee, love your reflections…food for thought xoxo

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      This is food for thought. By reflecting in this way, you are building a beautiful library with lots of wisdom and experiences.

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