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Little help goes a long way


A little help goes a long way. We all think that our websites are clear as day :). To be honest, they probably aren’t. I thought to give you some help ordering the best essential oils there are. Yes, there is something in for me, but as you know me, I take the word honest seriously. I am here for you as the best guidance there is and to make sure you can enjoy the best quality out there as we are talking essential oils. This is one that is close to my heart.


Questions about Signing Up for Young Living? from Young Living on Vimeo.


Follow the step by step instructions below to SpOIL Your Body and Soul!

1.  Click on the following link and fill in your information.  Please use your laptop or desktop to sign-up, instead of your smartphone or tablet. Clink here :).

2.  Be sure the “Wholesale Member” option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices (which are 24% more than wholesale).

3. Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id” say 2422321 (Otherwise, I can’t send you your freebies!)

4. Step 3 is a completely optional part of the sign-up process. For me, I really love being part of Young Living’s Essential Rewards (ER) program. You pay nothing extra to be a part of ER; it is a loyalty program that enables you to earn points on a your ER purchases so that you can save even more. You earn points at a rate of 10% – 20% of the point value (each Young Living item is assigned a point value – or pv) of your ER purchase. It’s like getting an additional discount that you can later spend on products! As an example, your Premium Starter Kit earns you 100 point value (pv). You immediately receive 10% (15% after 6 months and 20% after 12 months) credit – i.e.: $10 – to spend on product later! You also receive discounted shipping prices. Through ER, you place an order once per month with a minimum PV of 100. You can include any products you want and select any shipping date during the month that you choose. Again, this is completely optional. If you have any questions now, let me know and we’ll work through it together. If you want to wait, we can talk about it later and see if ER is a good fit for you.

5. Go through the checkout process.

6.  After you sign up, send me an email (info@reneevosdewael.com) or a message on Facebook letting me know that you signed up through me for your Premium Starter Kit so that I will know to send you your great freebies!  Feel free to ask any questions in the email and I will also help you find the information that you need.

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