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“Living in the Present Moment.” By Denise Thorpe-Eheler

Be still, be in the zone, be happy
Live and breathe “mindfulness”
Focus, challenge yourself, be accepting of others and who you are
and “just be”

Appreciate time in the moment, standing still for us to reflect, and give pause – so hit the “pause” button – and go with the flow
Take the opportunity to explore, be thankful for the life you have been given
And, make a “choice” to do something worthwhile and wonderful each day

Give the gift of time to yourself and to others
Stop the hour glass of time…
“Be there” to be happy, free, and to cut down
on mankind’s suffering

Get closer to your own truth
Find joy, find peace, find the “preciousness of” you!
Discover how you connect to everything
“that is” and ever will be…

Enjoy being alive, live an authentic life, and let your inner light shine
in the present moment
Remember, to LOVE, it’s key to transformation in your life and others!
And, brings you much closer to the spiritual doorway
Granting you wisdom and inner peace

Intuitive Coaching

Breathe air in and feel the “life force” and use it for good, and to create the life you want
The Power of the Breathe. Be still and know. The power of the creator is in our spiritual body and heart center

Rejoice; find a peaceful moment in nature
Treasure the view of a lake, an ocean
Know that our life is like the ripples in water
Our thoughts and actions have a ripple effect
And create good or bad karma for us
So, be mindful with your minds eye on watch
And, feel your emotional being shift
To a new and better you; a “higher knowing” being
Filled with positive, neutral, and loving thoughts
Your “inner being” aware now

See all humanity as part of you, there is no divide
We are all inter-connected
So, remember the secret of life, give of your heart
And, breathe in the power of the breath
And, be there now in the present moment
See your life expand and feel your spirit soar to new heights

By just being alive, still, and taking the time to reflect, give pause, and special attention to living in the present moment
Enjoy, be happy, and be free!





Denise works as an Inclusion Specialist for the developmentally disabled. She misses being a student at her university where she obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Her passions are writing, dance, traveling, and going to her Buddhist Center. She and her husband have six children, two cats, and one yorkie puppy.

You can connect with Denise directly at  Simpatico4u@gmail.com


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