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Look for the beauty

“Everything had beauty, but not everyone sees it” ~ Confucius


To truly see and enjoy the beauty is not always easy.  It takes time to slow down and really look around.  Feel were you are, smell were you are and enjoy the little signs and notches you receive.  This is only possible when you step back and take time to do so.  We are all busy with a number of things, our family, friends, work , etc.  It almost seems unkind to step back and just be, but that is not true.  When you take time to enjoy the beauty around you it will help you to gain more energy.

Looking at the photo you can see a little red dot.  This little bug was busy and working really hard.  In the beginning I didn’t even see the little fellow.  By stopping and looking at this amazing creature, it gave me a lot more.  I could feel the warmth and the enjoyment my family was having at that time.  The chattering of the rest of the group, we’re happy to be out in nature.  Every thing calmed down, just by looking at this beautiful little bug.

What did you discover by opening up to beauty?

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