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Magic is in the air!

Adding some magic in our day to day live will boost things up.  It will give us that special moment or time to really add our own spices to the situation or relationship.  Magic is a word that I truly love, because it gives me that special bond with myself, nature and other elements in my life.  What does this means to you? I would love to hear all about it.


  • Sangita

    Dear Renee,

    For me nature always surprises me with its magic! Jus saw the moon, it was such a beautiful sight and it brought such immense happiness that I wanted the whole world to take a moment and watch the beautiful sky. The mumbai city today reverberates with sounds of music to celebrate the coming of its favourite God- Lord Ganesha the elephant God! Time for magic fun food and celebrations!


    • Renée Vos de Wael

      I hope we’ll all get all the magic we wish for in our lives! Thanks for sharing, I will have a look at the beautiful moon tonight as well. xxx

  • Lloyd Sevigny

    There is indeed magic, but it’s not in the air, it’s in our conscious mindfulness…I have found Renee, that in silence, I can hear everything, in darkness I can see everything. For every down there is an up and this is the manner which I remind myself when facing problematic times. It is all too easy to see only the “down side”, but with a mental check, (not always easy), ’til one becomes aware of the ease we feel when looking outward. The universe is US! When we realize the staggering potential of being totally interconnected, we feel our lives “morphing” towards the reality that exists whenever a proof positive is required. We never die, we are eternal beings, each and everything manifests into a life of LOVE! Namaste.

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      So good to hear from you Lloyd. Yes, we are the universe and bring the magic to the day. But is all start with recognizing it first ourselves. xxx

  • Gitte

    Dear Renée,

    What a wonderfull idea. I think i’m going to write the word “magic” on my whiteboard in the kitchen, so that I will be reminded every day this week, that magic is something we can create ourselves, in stead of waiting for it to happen.
    Ofcourse we can not create everything ourselves, but with the right mindset, positive things will come our way.
    So let the positive energie of the universe work and find it’s way to me. I’m ready for it!

    Love Gitte

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      I like that idea to put at a place where you can see this word every day. Believing is the most important step. Keep me posted :).

  • Jill

    Hi Renee,

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful energy with us. I look forward to receiving your weekly Intuition in my inbox.
    I find through keeping my daily life in balance then magik is all around. So I balance family/children, work, study, ‘me’ time, into every day.
    My most magikal time is sitting outside at the beginning of each day, listening and breathing in nature, the birds, the sound of the stream, the energy of the trees, as they awake each morning. Then again at night breathing in the energy of the stars and the moon, the expansiveness of the Universe.
    Hoping you can find space to be kind and magikal to yourself as behind your beautiful smile, their feels sadness and lonliness (not alone-ness), a longing for something yet to be. Take your magikal moments and find deep inner peace, you are a beautiful soul 🙂

    Take care

  • Cynthia Ann Tanner

    Hi Renee, I am 53 and have always believed in the power of magic. No matter the good times and the bad times in life, I have always been able to draw on the magic. I am not really sure what is going on with me the last two years, I keep a smile on my face most the time, I laugh a lot as I have always done, but seems especially this year that my magic is really hard for me to find. Thank you for all your readings and thoughts as you have so often helped me. <3

  • Wanda J

    Beauty can come through when we allow it . . . and its magical . . . All of life is about vibrational frequencies and how we express ourselves. The most important healing processes in this day and age is to be able to tap into vibrational space that enables us to engage with our own unique soul frequency, thereby enabling us to live more consciously with passion and purpose in our world. Looking for vibrational space may very well seem to be a strange approach to improving your life. With the digital platform in full focus we have enabled the interconnectedness of the universe and all that is exists in us . . . . it brings instant magic into my life everyday . . . Blessings xx

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