Message for this week send with love.

This week I have pulled a card for you from the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle cards.


The message for this week, 17 December  2012;

The owl represents us with his wisdom. The wisdom to be calm and look from a distant. As the owl is a night animal his vision in the dark is phenomenal. He lends you this  tool to take the time and have a look in the shadow of your life. Take you time to feel and sense what is going on. Take the wisdom of the owl with you this week and know that this will make sure you will make well thought thru decisions. This messages gives you the opportunity to take both sides in account and stay in balance.

Lots of love,


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  • Suzan

    My most favorite sound is that of the spotted eagle owl, a deep, real ooohoo with a velvet tone. Occasionally I hear it deep in the night when I can’t sleep. Something to think about when selling this little house of ours, on the market since yesterday. Apparently in the area of the house we want to buy, there are fish eagles, I doubt they sound so soothing. To sell and move, or to stay… Universe has the answer. What do you see, owl? Where will we live?

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Listen carefully, the answer is there. As has the eagle who is able to see the big picture from above and will be able to help you sort out so much more……..

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