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My path towards Intuition…by Ally

Intuition is the whisper of angels, calling us back on the right track..the path towards Home!


My name is Ally and I was blessed by the angels to see beyond the body and feel beyond the heart..I am 35 years old and I work in a multinational company in Rome. I am also a reiki master, intuitive reader and I love using the divinatory arts to pass messages to others and guide them on this journey.  So many ask me what is intuition and how do I get the messages I post almost everyday on my facebook page..and I am happy I have this chance to share my concept of intuition ..spiritual intuition in a world dominated by ego intuition!..


Our intuition is our divine light shining strongly inside of us..it’s the torch showing us the path on our way back home!..Each one of us has a sense of intuition..and the more we are open toward the angels and God..the more our internal “ torch of intuition “ will light our way..Also the intuition walks hand in hand with our spiritual balance..meditation..and a healthy life style and food..a good connection with the divinity it’s of great importance not only to develop a great intuition..but also to keep it ALIVE!.  Following our intuition is like spreading light on our spiritual path!…most of us come into this life..and forget our spiritual task. As we grow up..we develop a strange presence inside the temple of our spirit: the Ego!…then immediately after..starts the fight: body against spirit. For so long time we feed this battle by investing so much energy in the “ wanting “ process..and we create a life made of wanting more and more..and in most cases we manage to obtain even things we do not want..but we attract by keeping an open attitude toward wanting more the quantity rather then the quality!…still I wonder..how many of us..feed the spirit?..and how many of us give light and gratitude to the temple of our spirit..and imbibe with love and comfort everything and everyone we touch?…in this journey so full with experiences ..we always forget to be grateful for the chance of having a body and being able to feel the smell of the morning…or to look at the sky with the eyes of the spirit..lets try to start remembering how much we are lucky to be able to LIVE and LEARN…right in this moment!


Right in the middle of this intense confrontation between the ego and the spirit..if we could only choose a moment of freedom..we could start hearing our intuition calling us on the right path!…it only takes a moment..a deep breath and our intention to follow the spirit and open our heart to embrace the real path in this life…our intention to close the physical eyes will immediately open the eyes of our spirit!  So often I am asked to provide readings about spiritual purpose and this is something that makes me sad and I always refuse to do them. You can’t ask someone about your life purpose because you will accept the answer with your mind and with the ego mind and not with your spirit!…The only torch that will help you guiding you toward your spiritual purpose..is: YOUR INTUITION!…yes your intuition…because this also contains the voice of the karma..taking your spirit exactly to where you need to be in the precise time and in front of the precise person!…so see how many miracles can happen when you are open to receive?…


What stops you from following your intuition?..in most of the cases is the fear of what could happen and In the rest of the cases is the ego..telling you that you are not able to do it!..Learn to put peace in the land of your thoughts..by meditating and by controlling your ego..and give freedom to your spirit!…let it run wild like a horse running on a seashore..and then your spirit will see the path towards home!  Every time you feel uncertain about your decisions…all you need to do is to close your eyes and put your hand on your heart and whisper to your spirit: my intention is to go home!..and the road will show by itself in front of you!..learn to sail your boat using the wind of intuition and for sure you will accomplish your life purpose!

Intuition works also hand in hand with love..The more you love yourself the more your intuition will bring you in front of situation and people that will confirm this!..I often say..WE ARE ONE!..because we are..we truly are connected with each other by these invisible lines of energy and…intuition!…yes..intuition..because by this we are able also to recognize our soul mates…those persons that when you look at them say..i think I know you!…destiny speaks the voice of intuition..always calling us to love our path and to give our contribution of light toward others!…


Don’t waste even one second from your precious time..paying attention to your wanting mind..wake up from this hypnosis and instead invest all your energy in meditating..balance your energy and enquiring about what is that your spirit is asking you..and if you keep your heart open..your intuition will always show you the way…and in all the cases..is paved with one single feeling: LOVE!  Love your path always ..and always know that you are here to learn from everything that is happening to you!…share your life experiences with others and spread your inner light so you can guide also the others..!


May you always find the courage to follow your inner voice and may you always be a blessing in other’s life!..

May you always live with an open heart..and may you remember what truly matters for your spirit and not for your body!




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