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My path towards intuition

Intuition…what does this word mean to you?  Do you use your heart to feel or your mind?  Toward what is your spirit guided more …to the things you can touch or more to the feelings?   Important questions that have very important answers in this puzzle of descovering Intuition!

Hi..my name is Ally and so many people tell me I have a very good intuition in everything I do or plan to build in this life…even more ask themselves how do I know all these things.. what is my secret..but very few know my secret!  Still it hasn’t been always like this…when I was little girl I grew up in the countryside and one of my favorite passions was laying on the green grass and watching the clouds passing by and thinking how to they move?  Do they have a heart?  What pushes them?  I used to spend all my summer vacations at my grandparents house playing with the animals or enjoying the nature and for me..that was my small paradise!

My life started to change around the age of 8 with an experience of clinical death.  One morning my grandmother couldn’t wake me up to send me to school. She practically found me almost dead in my bed.  She tried to wake me up for like 20 minutes and then she found some courage to call my mom and tell her that something strange is happening to me to hurry back home.  In all this time for me was impossible to see what was happening around me.  Instead I was lost in such a profound sleep and in my dream I was floating in a black tunnel which had down a very strong light attracting me so much.  In the first moments I opposed resistance because while going down I saw images of my first day of school or my family and I wanted to go back, but the light was attracting me so much that I couldn’t resist anymore. I was floating down in such an intense sense of peace absorbed into this light and once there I was amazed to see such a beautiful land with green grass and an amazing blue sky.  I was so touched by that peace and by that infinite love I felt that I didn’t wanted to leave anymore!  Walking around there I thought why is that this land is empty?  Why there is no one else , no trees, no nothing except the green grass!  Suddenly I see Virgin Mary with a blue dress and a white veil coming to me.  She told me that I was way too early there and that I have to come back and bring the peace and the love I felt there and continue to tell to the people to embrace the light and not the sand!  Despite my resistance She told me I have to go, but I will come back later on!  In that moment She pushed me up by my shoulders and in a second I woke up.  Mom was crying near me thinking that she lost me!  What a shock it was for her to see I was smiling and open my eyes!  And from that moment I have started my path towards that land I felt and saw in my dream.


Nobody really knew what was happened to me during that experience, but I realized that from that time I was different!  Soon after this I realized I could feel the people that were next to me, something like a strong thought in my mind whispered me about what they feeling inside and pushed me to comfort them and smile to them.  I felt that this was the task I was given and since that moment I started to accomplish it.  During the years as I grew up…i have started a fight against this..because I noticed I couldn’t control it and when I had someone in front as much as my heart wanted to love that person my intuition was telling me to stay away because he or she was a fountain of darkness!  Then I thought ok I want to be also a normal person and I have started to doubt my thoughts and tell it’s not true!  It’s all a big lie and so on my life changed its color I was falling down in the dark side! For a lot of time I was in a continuos fight against my intuition until I was very close to a strong depression and during that time, one morning I felt something I felt I should go on the internet and search for a forum about the Law of Attraction! As my mind was organized to doubt I did this for like half day but the thought was more and more intense was pushing me so much toward this, then I said ok!  Ok I will do it and Thank God I did it!.  I met a very dear person to me.  Tony Bastos ( www.how-to-be-organized.com ) that initiated me in the Universal Laws and how to use them!  But beside this, he taught me how to trust myself more and how to trust the process to the life more and how to accept everything knowing that all is perfect and all has a meaning!  He helped me also discover Tara Brach ( western buddhist teacher ) and from her podcasts I learned how to meditate and center my thoughts!  Books and podcasts of Gregg Braden, Dr. Wayne Dyer and so many others helped me open the door towards my soul and give a voice and a heart to what I had inside of my spirit and be grateful for my spiritual gift.

Every time you embrace your spirit, you give a voice to your intuition!  Because we may hear so many whispers inside of our heart and we still doubt because of the fact that we don’t know where they came from.  We don’t know if we should trust it or not, because human mind is build to control always what can see and when we try to do it with something we don’t see.  We lose ourselves in fear.  Intuition is the voice of the angels calling us back on the right track.  Telling us to learn how to trust their divine voice and the more we doubt it the more we go away from our spiritual path.

Make a deal with yourself and at least half day do what your intuition is telling you.  Give energy to those thoughts and your life will change.  You will start living your spiritual purpose and not your ego controlling mind and you will learn that what you see with your eyes it’s totally different from what you see with the eyes of your spirit.



Use always your spirit to see which road to take and you will always walk on the right path!

with love


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