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If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. ~ Albert Einstein




Is it important to take fear seriously?  Fear is a subject we talk about a lot.  Most of the time it seems to be a subject that is negative.  Of course if it stops you to do what you love to do, it is a negative thing.  I just wonder if it is always a negative in our lives.  We can also see it as a motivator to go beyond and move forward in our lives.

Fear is an emotion that comes naturally to us.  It protects us from getting into a dangerous situation.  Of course we all know this. The flight or fight responds.  Somehow fear has found a spot in our live that is getting a lot of power.  It takes away choices and it blocks potential fun and new adventures.  For some of us it takes over our day, somehow it is an emotion that blocks us from being the person we already are.  Every time some kind of new comes into our lives we look at this and start to worry.  Is this safe, smart, dangerous etc?  Why don’t we think this is great, new, an experience? Where have we learned to start to worry?  It feel like this is becoming a central part of our culture and the community’s we live in.  When we talk about new adventures we like to undertake, there are always the others that will give us advice.  Or even try to talk us out of it. Remember us that there is a financial crisis going on and this is not the time to take risks.  Or maybe we will loose something that is dear to us at this moment.

It is time to look at fear in a different light, lets say a new light.  Fear is still an emotion that takes care of us, but don’t confuse this emotion with the butterfly’s in our stomach. The butterfly’s we feel just before we go to a great party or a wonderful holiday.  The feeling to undertake a new adventure and to open new doors.  These doors with new opportunity’s and these changes also bring new gifts to our lives.  Yes, maybe we have to say goodbye to people that are dear to us or situations we love to undertake.  This is always to replace this all with something better.  We can always go back and revisit, but we will also add something new.  A new opportunity to grow, to meet new friends and to discover new surroundings.

What will be the first door you are going to open today?


Namaste Renée
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