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Reading of the week; 16 June 2013

Energy it is what we are, it is a way of communicating with our surroundings. How is your energy level, how do you use your energy? This is your elevator speech, this is how you meet new people and start new adventures. Energy shows us, what we like or not to like at all.

This week the message is all about energy. This week you’re invited to have a look at what kind of energy you have around you. To investigate and to make an inventory list of what is around you.


Look forward hearing all about it. Leave me a message about the way you interpret your own energy around you.


Much Love,



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  • Gayvenda Kessler

    I guess I live in a maya/dream state most of the time, but I occasionally come up and observe self from that gentle source of isness deep within my heart and mind. My reality is an infinitely extended energy form based on what my mental/physical/spiritual selves focus upon, I can concede that we are Creators, but I sure have a lot of work to do in my own head! All this conditoning to wade through! I tend to project lack into my circumstances often! As I live from paycheck to paycheck each week. Any extra income that comes my way is to God’s credit, His Universal Bank. I need to trust that if I stick close to Him and perform His work well, He will provide for me. I’m making some progress and just celebrated an awsome birthday receiving many blessings from friends and family. I make a gratitude list each morning because it gets me out of my head into serenity and peace to start out the day with. Thanks for the reminder, Renee!

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