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Reading of the week; 26 May 2013

It is all about the communication this week. Are the words that you are using in your conversation still the right words to choose from? Make sure that you are representing yourself in a authentic way and not in a disguise that suits others, because that will take a lot of energy away from what you would like to attract into your life. Choose words that reflect you in the best way and gives your light a change to come out and give the week some funky colors.

Namaste Renée


  • Gayvenda Kessler

    If I’m hearing your rightly, we are to observe our thoughts and words this week to take a look at what we are creating. I have had no painting commission come in for 5 weeks. In the meantime I have a small Social Security check that sustains me.and I’ve been open about this to friends and family.. Radiating my poverty. Geez! I need some work on my spoken word!

    I remembered my father, who had brain damage from an accident plus he was an alcoholic. He would rant at my mother spending money on furniture, clothes for us girls, or just about anything that didn’t suit him. I observed that I experience quite a bit of anxiety over this in the area of money today.. Wow! Instead of broadcasting my “poorness”, I need to be broadcasting faith in God to supply my needs in a better way than I could imagine.!

    God has a full time job supplying exactly what we are ‘staying out minds’ upon.It appears that I have to forgive my father and begin allowing God to help me tailor my prosperity thoghts. I have to be awarae of the old ones and cast them out. to make room for hte new ones!

    I have 5 oeople who have told me they would like a pet portrait, but none of them have followed through with a down payment and invited me over to their home to take pics of their dogs or cats. I’ve rationalized that it’s summertime and people are spending money on vacations, camps for kids, etc, “I always do better in the fall and wihter, ” Just speaking the word of “no business” right into my pocket book!

    I’m going to make a list of the lies that I tell myself about my finances,,. then make a list of corrected thinking & sayings on attracting prosperity into my life! We are what we think! Thank you Renee!

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