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Reading of the week; 5 May 2013

This week I was connecting with my guides and my power animal to ask them what the message of this week would be.  It is for me always interesting and surprising what it is they would like me to share with you.  Today the message is “everything will be okay”.  What a great way to start the week, this is a great support to anything you are planning or organizing.  Support is there for you to go out and do.






Enjoy the message for this week,

Namaste Renee


  • Gayvenda Kessler

    Thanks for your message this week. I had 3 major illnesses converge on me last week. I was at first disheartened and angry for a couple of days. I did not want to quit smoking and quit sugar. However, after I wrote the anger out and released it, I saw an opportunity to be smoke free for the first time in 45 years and an opportunity to eat more healthy and lose weight.

    I wrote a story about the span of my smoking, including the first cigarette I had ever smoked. I realized that only God could restore me to being a non smoker. I had failed many times before at quitting. I invited God in to help me and set a quit date for Saturday, May 4th. When I woke up Saturday morning the compulsion was gone! It has been 5 days now, and it has been a time of gratitude and I really think God wants us to be happy, joyous and free.

    I realized on a deep level that all would be ok. The withdrawal that I’ve experienced has been very mild considering what a heavy smoker I was. I have a clear message of hope for anyone addicted to nicotine. It is wonderful to be able to breathe deeply. I plan on doing meditation for at least 20 minutes daily beginning tomorrow.

    I have begun a diet rich in steamed vegetables, chicken and fish. My body is probably going into shock as I had been eating a lot of frozen dinners and sweets. lol. God has taken a very negative situation and turned it into a positive! Blessings…

  • Gayvenda Kessler

    Loved your May 5th message relating “Everything is going to be OK! I’m’ really capable of “scaring myself” with getting into the future and fretting over finances, for example. I have a modest income supplemented with oil paintings of dogs and cats. This past month, I’ve been in beween portraits. Yet, I have 5 clients who said they would like to commission me to do their pets. They haven’t called yet for the photos I take of their animals, It has been tight money-wise and I’ve had to tell myselt that Everything was going to be ok, I had $2 for the weekend I gave thanks for what I had! And it worked out. For some reason, I usually get what I need. not what I want, lol,

    Saturday, my computer crashed and died. I’m lost without my computer, so I prayed. For 2 hours nothing happened. Then an old friend called and I mentioned my pc problems, She said she had a mini Dell laptop & wyfy router that she would give to me and that she would bring it over immediately, I was amazed! We got my email program downloaded and the internet.I gave her this beautiful turquoise necklace I had made last month for her kindness. I’m doing a barter with a computer tech to help download the contents of my old pc into this tiny laptop on the 24th. It is so cute! But in the meantime, Everything is goihg to be ok!

    Thanks for the new tool! And for being you!

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