Reading of the week April 1, 2013

April’s Fool day! This is a great time of the year. Spring is in the air; even it is not showing herself as yet in some parts of the world. This period is all about growing new things. Let’s have a look what this weeks reading will bring.


Have a wonderful week,



  • Gayvenda Kessler

    It was so wonderful to get to hear you this week! I am an artist and can paint most anything, but for extra income I do portraits of pets. For example, my last painting was of 4 dogs sitting in a windowsill with an ocean & a sailboat in the background. I placed the dogs in a composition according to their personalities. I painted the ocean because i knew the client liked to go to Florida for vacation every year. The sailboat was an afterthought. When the client saw the painting for the first time she cried tears of joy because her daughter, before she died, only painted sailboats for the last 6 months of her young life. I had no prior knowledge of this. The client told me that her daughter must have been sitting on my shoulder when I did the painting. She paid me extra for the painting!

    My painting business is by word of mouth and has been slow the past 6 months. I require the extra income as I’m on disability. I have been so broke the past few weeks, but I keep trusting God to provide for me. as I stick close to Him and perform His work well. Being in recovery myself from alcoholism, I work with newcomer women who are trying to sober up and rebuild their lives. Sometimes, I feel so stressed for income that I get “down” for a few hours, and then the supply surprises me in the mail, another commission or someone doing something nice for me.

    The balancing act will be for today for sure! I have 4 meetings between 4pm and 10pm plus a funeral to go to at 2pm. I will rest tomorrow. My feet are flared up and are uncomfortable right now. I do not have a car yet, so this makes things difficult for me as well. When I get a car, I’m giving rides to those less fortunate than I to pay the universe back for getting me to those meetings for this past year and a half!

    They found two areas of concern in my mammogram last Friday, so I have a biopsy on Thursday morning. My thinking went nuts last week when they called me back for 3 sets of xrays. I thought it through and decided that it is probably benign and even if it is cancer, it will be caught very early with a good prognosis. So, I have to balance my fears with positive thoughts.

    I’ll look forward to your next video and regret that at this time, I cannot make a contribution or have a session with you. I have loved receiving your readings once a week for the past several months. The video is even better! Blessings…


    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Gayvenda, So good to hear from you. You have a true gift with your art. The healing energy is very powerful, so please keep on going. I am sure that one day we’ll have our connection. Tell then lots of love Renee

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