Are you ready for the best year ever?

Happy New year Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for joining me in my journey of finding my own flow.
2015 has been a year of lots of changes, finding new treasures and being bravely myself. I finally got out of the house. Started exploring new venture, tapping into my learnings, being brave and truly following my intuition. The old fashion way of walking your own talk. Sometimes we are so busy following “what everyone else” is doing that you completely silence that little voice inside yourself. It was time to step away and feel what makes me happy. Even if this was not the way it was done by the social media guru’s.

I took time out to truly venture out and create my own desire map. It showed me that I love my coaching, helping people with their own healing journey. The love it so strong that it sometimes scares me, especially the amazing beautiful feedback from my clients. The other strong desire for me is that I love going out in nature. To be quite and spend time with animals. My old love presented her/himself so strongly that it completely blew me away. When I ask guidance and help to start communicating more with animals, within 2 weeks I was riding horses again and started my massage adventure.
Then I completely stumbled and fell flat on my face as I just notice that all these desires, qualities came so natural to me that I find it difficult to bring back the balance. The giving, sharing part is easy, but the receiving back part not present at all. It almost felt that the words money, selling became dirty words. If I did send out a blog, I would lose many readers. It all came to a stop and I had no idea how to make a change and bring back the balance.
The truth is that, as many of us, I feel uncomfortable “selling” you things I love my coaching, massage treatments, my love for essential oils and time spend with me with the horses. Sharing my knowledge that comes must of the time out of nowhere. It is like I try to sell something that is not real.

So here is what I am going to do. I am going to share with you what I love. People, knowledge, and, of course, amazing stuff. Stuff I love things that are important to me and make me very happy. The goals are of course that my stories and my sharing are going to make you happy as well.

This leaves me with one request, tell me what you think, share with me your stories. Don’t just join of say goodbye, I truly would like to know how you are doing, what you are thinking and where I can offer you support.

With all my love I am sending you this email and hope 2016 will be the best year ever!

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