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Ready set ……………….Slow down!

“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


It is that season again, summer holiday.  We go from a hundred miles an hour to being relaxed.  Well, that is at least is the idea, right?  It is a holiday and we need to be mindful, calm, enjoying every minute of it and do something special.  Wauw, that is a whole list of what we have to do with our summer holiday.  If you think about what we try to do in a small amount of time, the last thing this sounds like is relaxing.  I think normally we have about 3 weeks of summer break in our normal routine and then during the year we sometimes take mini breaks.  All this to recharge and let go of our daily routine.

For me being a mum first, it means having the kids home for 11 weeks.  In the mean time my normal routine of work still continues, but now during the evenings and spare hours lost in the day.  Today we were all sitting down for dinner and I mentioned that I still had to write my blog for today.  It was funny how all 3 of them started making remarks about being happy and being relaxed.  So that is what I look like,  not feel most of the time,  but we do try to make something out of the day.  On the other hand this blog has been on my mind the whole day.  Tuesday is my blog writing day.  Really interesting that this is so important to me.  To connect with you, I love reading the comments and checking if others have read my words.  Talking about it with friends and clients, most of the time the topic comes back in the coaching sessions as well.

But seriously how can we slow down and why only in those 3 weeks in the summer.  To go back to work and wonder after a couple of days what has happened to our regained energy and we that we actually in need of  a break again.  Maybe there is something that we need to get incorporate in our daily routine.  If we like to travel more, find a way to do it in combination of work.  This way, there is no need to go and travel long hours to get to our destination of fun and having down time.  There is of course the option to create a holiday and a place to recharge at home.  For me that means having time to be quite, just for a little bit, to make sure that we have a healthy meal together.  To make sure that there is a place to calm down before we go to sleep and talking about sleep to make sure to be really rested. To create a lifestyle where there is the right balance between working and having fun.  This is not something new and it all comes down to making choices to what we like to get out of our lives.  It is important to be honest with ourselves about what is important on our priority list.  To make sure that it come out of our hearts and not out a way of obligation towards others.

What would be your way to create a holiday from home?


Namaste Renée
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  • Pamela Rudisill

    Hi Renee! Finding balance is so important, isn’t it? My best days start with an hour or two of quiet time. Just me, my cats, a cup of coffee or tea, usually my laptop, and the curtains rolled back so I can look out at the squirrels and rabbits who seem to own our yard. When I can have that time, it seems like everything else is easier. My mindset is more positive and flexible. We rarely ever get the chance to go on vacation so having these times to ourselves alone, or doing something fun with the family, are incredibly important. I hope you find some perfect moments in time this summer….just for you!

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Thanks for sharing Pamela. Yes, I am looking forward to just go with the flow and letting go of the have toe’s. Not always easy, but so worth while :). Renee x

  • Suzan

    I am not sure how to relax anymore, I know my life is totally out of balance and my house one big train station, but I thrive on it. The thought of not being able to do anything freaks me out. I am a confessed workaholic.
    So yes, motherly guilt sets in quite often. So I have started to be creative about having my kids involved in my work. In the old days, the shoemaker has is kids around him and they played with leather until they made their first shoes. They started helping with small things to grow and learn to become a shoemaker. Serious quality time between parent and child.
    So let’s stop thinking about work as being adult stuff, and quality kid time as playing hide and seek. I found, when thinking about it creatively, my kids could help me with work and they were delighted to be involved. Sure, they are not shoemakers yet, but that’s ok! Next time Renee, ask your kids about happiness and balance and what they would write to the world. We will probably all be amazed!!

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