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Relax By Alexandra Hughes

There are two things that I am passionate about – being a mindful mama and being a coach that helps mindful mamas find and live their vision of fulfilment.

On my life journey, every once in a while I find myself experiencing some kind of an epiphany – a real “A-HA” moment. These moments usually present themselves during transitions in my life. The end-of-summer/ back-to-school (and back to business!) transition this year marked such a time for me.

Really, my MOTHER lesson (and it is a biggee!) is the value of being relaxed.

When on holiday, disconnecting from the day-in-day-out routine supports our relaxation. But we often associate this state as one that is limited to holidays. We do not ask ourselves what it is about holidays that invites the state of relaxation into our being; what relaxation does for us; or the real power that it holds (especially if we hold onto it!).

This summer I did ask myself these questions and (much thanks to my state of relaxation!) the answers came up load and clear.

Q. What is it about holidays that invite us into a state of relaxation?

A. Holidays help us to be relaxed because there is less pressure for our energy and time; there is less for us to do. We slow down. Also, our priority all of a sudden becomes about having fun and enjoying ourSELF, those around us, and our environments.

Q. What does being relaxed do for us?

A. Sure, in the short term being relaxed gives us a healthier, more positive perspective. It may even help us to define our priorities and goals for the post-holiday months.  But what does it actually do for us in the moment, in the now? I would say it puts us in a state where we can feel more aware and more connected with our bodies, our thoughts. It puts us more in touch with our intuition and the messages that come from deeper within us.

Q. What is the power of being relaxed?

A. The value of this connection with our intuition is amazing because it is THIS CONNECTION that guides those of us who choose to live in alignment with our passions.

The Mama entrepreneurs that I work with are (like me) passionate about two things:  mindful mothering and a practice they love to do and grow. Their challenge is like the challenge of many people in today’s fast paced, stressed-out society – a challenge to do everything they have to do (well) in a way that supports a mindful connection with their kids and an authentic connection with their clients and practice. To do this, their actions need to be done from a place of calm relaxation; they need to be intuition-driven. And this, given their long and often dispersed “to do” lists, isn’t always easy.

I know this challenge all too well! It is no easy feat to overcome it, but I want to share my secret with you: RELAX! Yes, simply incorporate a practice of RELAXING into your daily life. Take the time to sit and breath everyday – to connect with the relaxed you.

I do this in the morning and then again in the evening. And believe me, these sessions are powerful – influencing the flow of my day for the better!

For anyone who is interested in support connecting with your intuition, I have developed a short audio to help. As a daily practice it will help you to trust and to live in alignment with the priorities and values that emanate from your true essence. It is designed so that the connection you make during the practice will stay with you throughout the day.

To thank you for the opportunity to be a guest blogger, I want to offer it as a gift to all members of The Intuitive Coach community who would value such a daily connection.

Alexandra Hughes, qualified life coaching welcomes visitors to in essence coaching’s homepage, highlighting her passion to help them live a free, flexible, abundant and balanced lifestyle, a place where their passion business nourishes their soul AND their bank account. She invites them to join the MINDFUL MAMA ENTREPRENEUR community where they will receive free support towards living their vision of fulfillment.

Life Coach & Owner at In Essence
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  • Sandra Seibert

    Alex, this is a great blog. Yes, relaxation is so essential for our well-being and your blog is exactly what I experience myself. As soon as I let go of the pressure, the rush and all the should’s and must’s, I am able to re-connect with myself and my intuition which guides me in all aspects of my life. Then parenting becomes easy and mindful, then I am inspired and writing just flows, creative and at my best in my work as a life coach, and I am much more prepared for the unexpected challenges along the way. Thank you for the reminder to really RELAX. That’s what I needed today 🙂 xxoo Sandra

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Thank you Sandra for your kind words. I also experience that my ability to create and enjoy seems to flow effortlessly and smoothly when I am relaxed. As a mother, coach and entrepreneur I also seem to experience that more abundance – of energy, time, clients, money – comes to me when I am relaxed.

      I’m so glad it served as a good reminder to you; writing it served as a powerful reminder for me too!”

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