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Savouring Simplicity: Letting Go

I was a guest by Savouring Simplicity

The simplicity of letting go

Sitting here is making me smile; just sitting in a cafe with beautiful surroundings. This whole week I have time for me, for my work, and for my writing. To get all of these thoughts down on paper, so that sharing is a possibility. This time will help me to make my day to day life easier, getting the day better in balance. Like for you, pondering about how I can reach my goals, dreams easier and better. To offer the best of me to you.
While I am sitting here, the only thing I can think of is letting go. It is time for me to let go of a certain period of my life. My life is changing; the kids don’t need me 24/7 anymore, they are growing up. Doing their own thing, having their own life. So it is time for me to look at the beauty of the change of the growth that has happened. 
It is time for me to shift. Something the kids have done a long time ago! Today Im catching up. Shifting into a mum with little ones into a mum with teenagers. They teach me new things, hopefully Im learning them new things and letting them grow into the amazing persons they already are.
Let-it-go-2So maybe letting go is also saying good-bye to a period that was great. But that is over and it is time to move on. Letting go is not something we do on a daily basis, it is something that happens in phases. The phases are important to recognise and to take your time to say good-bye to. 
When you are at the point of letting or moving on to something new, something the same, but something still quite different. Take your time with that, wait until youre ready to do so. Take your time to enjoy it one more time and say good-bye when you are ready. Say good-bye to the goal you reached and set a new one. Take your time to enjoy it one more time, and say good-bye when you are ready. Say good-bye to the goal you reached and set a new one.  Make sure you are ready for the next step, because the journey is going to be great, difficult, amazing, horrible, maybe even the best thing in your life.
 To make sure that you are ready to let go and to make a fresh start. By taking your time in taking the next step, youre ready to be bold and adventurous. You know what you are capable of. So you can focus on what is new. 
You can feel into the new for you and at the same time you can enjoy the art of letting go. This is the point where you know that letting go is a good thing. Because you know that letting go is inviting something new in.
Have fun!



  • Jen

    Ahh Renee, the sweet surrender of moving forward! I love it. I love it when it is so easy to let go. I am working with a friend who is unable to forgive himself and let of the past. It is such a struggle for him, but he is trying and moving forward a bit at a time. It is a nice reminder for me that it doesn’t always have to be difficult, sometimes we are ready for the change. <3

  • Amy White

    Ahhh letting go! It seems both the hardest thing to do and the most necessary! I have spent a good part of the past 12 months truly letting go in nearly every sense of the word. It’s truly liberating! I have to say that there were certain things, that I didn’t think I was ready to say good bye to, mostly because they felt safe and I knew them well, but I also knew that I had to listen to my own guidance and trust that it was truly the best thing for me. I have been shown time and again that if I leap, the net will surely appear!

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