Clearing of a home or office of negative energies and entities


Ever walked into a conference room or somebody’s home and suddenly felt icky for no reason? 

Just like ourselves, our homes and offices can house negative energies, thoughts, and even entities in Spirit (yikes! though it’s very common), which can negatively affect our mood and drain our energy.  Sometimes our home or office happens to be built on what used to be a sacred site, a battlefield, or a burial ground, and the energy of that former land assignment lingers. 

Negative energetic phenomena can make us uncomfortable in our own home, turn potential customers away from a business, or turn potential buyers away from an otherwise great house! 

It’s a good idea to have a property clearing done when you: 

  • are moving into a new home or office
  • are constantly feeling uncomfortable, distracted or energetically drained in your home or office
  • are suspecting presence of Spirits
  • are having a hard time trying to sell a house (this is a great service for a real estate agent!)
  • own a place of business and are dealing with a lot of negativity from competitors
  • want to get rid of heavy energy in your home after a period of illness/discord or after undergoing energetic shifts yourself and feeling out of sync with your environment

Energy clearing sessions are done remotely.  During our phone conversation, you will receive a report of what issues were found and cleared for your property and how they may have been affecting you.  You also have an option to skip the phone conversation and receive this report by email. 

(This service is part of Soul Realignment® modality and uses the Akashic Records to access information about the location and to perform clearing work.)


…or purchase it as a gift