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So what to tell you about intuition by Karine Henschen

So what to tell you about intuition….well, we all have it! Like playing the piano, some have this innate ease of access to it and are thus strongly connected to their 6th sense, while others need to work at it to get to the same level of ease; it certainly doesn’t mean you are deprived from it. In my case, I can’t predict the future; however, I can feel into energies and get my cues from there. The catch 22 is to TRUST. Trust that your instinct is correct, that our gut feeling is accurate, because it requires of you to believe in what has not yet manifested and isn’t tangible at the moment. This is a big one! Because your Ego cannot function without any tangibles. It doesn’t want to and fights back when you even dare to go down that path. You know it, when you get those ‘cues’ you immediately second guess yourself and your mind automatically goes to “this can’t be true, this doesn’t make sense; you’re imagining things, this is ridiculous…” . Yes, in a sense the Ego is right; “this” did not make it to the world of sight, sound, taste, touch …but you know what, it already made it to the field of potentials where the energy gathers to be manifested.

So trust, any gut feeling you may receive, any impressions, images, thoughts, emotions….they are all clues and cues as to what is going on in the energy fields that are around you. Because everything is energy, everything can be felt into and connected with. Some are really good at gathering all of that information in the blink of an eye, some like me, require to first dwell into their inner stillness where they can quiet their mind and connect to the energies.

When I do work on my clients, whether through massage, Reiki or biodynamic cranial touch, I am not only in physical contact with them but also in their energy field. By nature of this work, my energy vibrates at higher frequencies and, like a radio dial, I tune up into the energy frequencies around me. My intuition is acute at this point and I receive information mostly through images paired with feelings and a serious internal talk illustrating the scenery unfolding in my mind’s eye. The internal talk is not giving me straight answer s, but making its way through the imagery and the feelings until the word representing the image or the feeling resonates through my entire body. Once I pinpoint it clearly, I then hear a ‘yeah, that’s it!”. Even though I hear what would sound like chatter, with my voice, I KNOW this is not my monkey mind at work. The way I know, is because of the body felt sense at the time: I am not in my head, I am in my heart.

As an illustration, I was working on a client located in the UK (doing distance energy work) and as soon as I started, I had the visual of the client being in a pink protective bubble that gently ‘warned’ me not to intrude. So I respected the feeling (there again, here you have to TRUST what you feel) I kept my distance and made space for her to either invite me in or not. Then all of a sudden, I could feel angels working on her for a while and I was then allowed into her field. This is when the emotion of ‘cocoon’ came and my intuition went on making associations: “pink bubble + cocoon + being protected = really feels like she’s expecting and she is in the early stages”. So I kept this information in the back of my mind and worked from my heart, and there was no doubt that there was life inside of her at that point, because I was visualizing my client with a baby girl and the baby was talking to me. (As a humorous side note, because I love humor, this is also when you sort of know that your rational mind wouldn’t be able to make that stuff up, because it sounds NUTS! Unless you were diagnosed with a mental illness, at which point this type of discussion would be your ‘norm’ and not an ‘oddity’. But then, what’s the norm and what is odd? Okay, so now I have digressed let’s go back to our illustration of the “I’m feeling she’s pregnant” client). Now you have to understand that at that point, my client had not disclosed any of the above to me; and I could already see the predicament I could easily put myself into should I point blank tell her:  “oh, you’re pregnant! And you’re having a girl! And you are going to be just fine because your baby told me so!”…ugh!?. In addition to this amazing information available to me, there was this additional feeling of re-assurance that the baby was fine that I felt compelled to share with my client.
I was blessed with working with a delightful individual whom I am close to and I just told her in my email what I had felt during the session and why. She came back validating everything, even the fact that her doctors had found a cyst on one of her ovaries, and were somewhat concerned at that point because the cyst was large and could endanger the embryo’s growth. We did another session after this one and her doctor confirmed the cyst was all gone. She is now the mother of a very healthy 9 month-old baby girl named Indianna!

Sometimes I am working with clients and the imagery I receive is just not connecting to anything and my intuition is silent, not associating any word to it. They’re just images, fleeting or static. I really pay good attention to the static ones, where like in front of a beautiful 3D picture, I can take my time looking at details and using all my senses to catch anything. I trust to relay those images to my clients hoping they will trigger a reaction on their end. Sometimes I am not to know what those mean, they are private to the client!

So intuition is like an old radio with a dial. You have to fine-tune the dial to match up your frequency to the one sending the information. Then you have to ever so slightly adjust to get clear reception. Then you have to learn to decipher what you hear, see, feel….etc…It is all a process of trust, a process of exercising your skill and most importantly, it is a process that happens when the dial is in the heart with loving intentions.

Hi, my name is Karine Henschen. I am 40 and was born and raised in the suburbs of Paris for 25 years. I met my husband in Hawaii and moved to the USA 15 years ago. I am now the mother of 2 beautiful children Manny, 13 and Liz, 12. I am a Manager in a Medical distribution center and as well as a small business owner as a Licensed Massage therapist, Reiki Master and craniosacral practitioner. I am a Lightworker and bring as much Divine Light and Love as I can into my corporate and holistic lives!
What an honor to be here and tell you a bit about me and how I use my intuition. What an honor to be recognized by Renee and being asked to be a guest on her blog!

Karine Henschen L.M.T
Touched By An Angel
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