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So why do we hesitate to seek a helping hand?

We have people help us through so many aspects of our lives.

Party planners, wedding planners, sporting coaches, birthing coaches, personal trainers, accountants, financial advisors, the list goes on..

So why do we hesitate to seek a helping hand, or invest in some support, when it comes to navigating the ups and downs of life, managing and overcoming emotional issues, or weaving through the ins and outs of a major life changing transition or decision??

I think its kinda crazy to suggest that we have to have it all together all of the time and not need an empathetic ear, some wise advice, and professional support, once in a while.

We put so much pressure on ourselves these days, I actually think it is imperative to share our experiences and struggles, and invest in a coach to assist in shouldering the burden and empowering us to lighten the load and brighten our lives.

There can be many reasons, situations, or times where it can be just a helluva lot smoother to have an experienced coach in your life!

Some of them being..

+ To guide you through a time of transition

+ To help you untangle the roots and experiences of your past, that might be holding you back

+ To finally work through and let go of the self-doubt, anxiety, addiction, and fear

+ To have that cheerleader, support, and soft landing.

I think its kinda crazy to suggest thatI am lucky enough to have been there for all of these differing aspects and many more through coaching a range of beautifully inspiring clients.

I have had a number of coaches myself through different challenges in life and varying stages of my journey.

Treat yourself to a coach because everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

A coach is an accountability partner.

Someone who gets you, understands your goals, your aspirations, and obstacles.

A coach is their to help clear and navigate your path to purpose, passion, and empowerment.

Working with a coach is a beautifully enlightening journey to self.

They are there to help fill in the holes and bridge the gaps as they appear. To provide a fresh perspective. To support, and encourage, and be the guiding light.

Throughout my own coaching career I have been the shoulder, the sound board, the safe space, and the open empathetic heart. And it continues to be my absolute honour to witness the beautiful transformations and self awareness take form and confident glowing women and men go forth.

I’ve witnessed break throughs, breakdowns, and beautifully brave facings of fear.

Nothing is greater than seeing a person unfold and shed skins and emerge as the bright shining diamond they truly are.

The coaching experience for me whether it is as student or teacher continues to be such a rewarding and fulfilling part of my life.

Coaching is a magical transformative process that will always be a positive step in your journey.

So I say treat yourself to a coach for insight, growth, and expansion.

Treat yourself to a coach because it is your birthright to live a life that you love.

Treat yourself to a coach to make that dream life of yours, a reality.

Treat yourself to a coach because you are WORTH IT.


Megan-52 copyMegan is a Holistic Health/Life Coach and Writer who has studied with The Institute For Integrative Nutrition in New York City, The Australian National University (ACT), and the University of New England (NSW).

She has a background in Psychology and Humanitarian work and is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential. She believes everyone deserves to have their dream life become their reality, her aim is to show them how.

Megan’s mission is to work with gorgeous souls who are ready to uncover their truest  selves and reveal their radiant inner diamond to the world.

If you’re ready to live the life of your dreams- full to the brim with health, wealth and passion- connect with Megan now!

Website: http://showmeyourdiamond.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/showmeyourdiamond

Instagram: www.instagram.com/meegsgogoll

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MeganGogoll


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